Healing Angels

As expected, I received a lot of responses to the blog I posted prior to Oprah’s PR marathon ‘rehab interview’ with Lance Armstrong.  My thanks to you if you were one who bothered to write.  The comments split roughly 50/50.  They were either of the “Bravo for saying what you did,” variety or “Shame on you for judging when you are the one who is supposed to be teaching forgiveness and non-judgment.”  I am glad to have the opportunity to respond to the latter.  (I would only ask that you read all the way to the end to understand where I am coming from.)

First of all, it is fair comment.  If I were really true to my beliefs I would never get upset about how our corrupt government representatives and officials lie, cheat and distort the truth for their own ends, and do the will of the lobbyists in return for gobs of money.  If I were true to my beliefs, I would not boil with rage that the bankers totally screwed the people of this country and never paid the price and even today continue to gamble with everyone else’s money knowing full well that if they lose, the government will bail them out.  Neither would I ever lose my faith in the idea that everything is ‘perfect’ when I see a pedophile ruin the lives of countless young children and is never asked to account for his dirty deeds. 

 I could go on and on, but you get the point, I’m sure.  I’m just an ordinary human being with feelings and I frequently fail to hold the higher vibration that I might when I see injustice, hypocrisy and corruption in high places.  I also have at least some ethical values that are affronted every day by what I see out there to which all but a few turn a blind eye.

But, I do know a ‘healing angel’ when I see one.  In in my last blog I characterized Lance Armstrong as such.  A healing angel is a soul who chooses to confront all of humanity with its shadow by acting it out in such an extreme way that we can hardly miss it, even if we are sickened and affronted by that behavior at the human level. 

 At the soul level, Armstrong had to become the sociopathic, narcissistic, lying SOB that he was in order to get our attention.  At the human level he was a scumbag and a ruthless bully, totally willing to ruin other people’s lives in order gratify his pathological need to win at all costs. 

 But the truth is that this was precisely the role his soul or Higher Self chose to take as a way to first mirror and then transform the energy of greed and cowardice in this country.  And Spirit put everyone to sleep for 13 years so the drama could play out in a big way.  Those that got hurt by him had to have volunteered to enter into a soul contract with him to be the victims in order to leverage the original crime.  (It wasn’t that he took performance-enhancing drugs that was so bad given the ‘win-at-all-costs’ sporting culture we had created, but that he ruthlessly took down people who got in his way, ruining their lives, not to mention how much it hurt his ex wife and children.)

 So can I forgive him?  Yes, of course.  But only in the way of Radical Forgiveness, which is neither to condone his human behavior, nor even let bygones-be-bygones, but to recognize his spiritual courage and deep love for humanity at the spiritual level.  I honor his Higher Self for being willing to lovingly do what he did in service to us all. That’s the only kind of forgiveness that works.

 I love Lance Armstrong for mirroring for me the scumbag I can be when I want something badly enough that I will manipulate people and even betray them if need be.  I love Lance Armstrong for reflecting my willingness to put my own kid’s happiness second to my own, leaving them as I did when they were still so young.  I love Lance Armstrong for mirroring my willingness to cheat and lie when it suits me, simply in order to win.  I love Lance Armstrong for showing me that I can be inauthentic and live a lie for years too.  And so on.

 It’s up to you to determine whether you can bear to look in your own heart and see the gift that Lance Armstrong is to you, too.  The country could well do the same.  I doubt that it will.

 In conclusion, I did watch the entire interview and I saw nothing to alter my opinion of him as a human being as I expressed it before seeing the interview.  He struck me as totally inauthentic and self-serving.  (Oprah didn’t come off too well in this regard either, in my opinion.)   For me, what confirmed his sociopathic tendency was the fact that he had to look up in the dictionary the definition of the word ‘cheat.’  If he didn’t know that after 13 years of being just that, what does he know of ethical values? 

But then, he had to be that in order to wake us all up, right?  Thanks Lance.


P.S. Please make your comments below where we can all see and benefit.  Thanks.

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20 Responses to Healing Angels

  1. Meagan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this insight about Lance Armstrong. I get goosebumps when I read it and what you share is also very validating of a radical forgiveness process I have struggled with. I believe that my ex is a human angel in her own way–and also a scumbag and scoundrel at the human level. This duality has been very confusing and something I still struggle to understand and accept. I feel overflowing gratitude and love for her on one hand, and intense resentment on the other–and then do another radical forgiveness worksheet lol!! I have grown immensely because of her–she is my best teacher by far. It sometimes gets frustrating to continue to engage in the teachings she offers me, but then I become overwhelmingly grateful again and the healing spiral continues.

  2. Margaret Taylor says:

    Dear Colin;
    Thank you for your messages; the reinforcement of mirroring; the ‘outing’ of the Higher Self….all these are a great credit to you. Not to mention your complete honesty for being human..
    You are a spiritual Beam of Light shining into the darkness…keep up the good work!
    You are needed on this planet!
    Love., and a big hug..(it’s “Hugging Day” today, so I heard.
    Margaret Taylor.

  3. Karla Garrett says:

    Upon reading the initial blog about Lance, I knew there would be a follow-up. You do your job well, Colin. You are willing to embrace your human role as one who pushes our buttons and then to embrace your role as teacher and guide to show us how we too can look in the mirror to see what the world is reflecting for us. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our growth and awakening.

  4. E. Rodriguez says:

    I believe the only thing that your second article titled, “Healing Angels” was able to do for me was teach me just how vulnerable we are all to the Ego at any given time. I am thankful for the Radical Forgiveness concept as I believe in the power of it all. Its unfortunate however when we as humans fall into looking at the person that introduced the concept as un-toucheable and begin to hold them in such a high regard. Truthfully, I thank you Mr. Tipping for being so honest as you really allowed me to see how transparent the Ego really is and that the only person you were upset with was truly yourself. You did state your love for Lance; however the energy within that article didn’t come off the same way. Maybe you just have to continue to fake until you make it! Sending you an abundance of love and light!!! Thank you!

  5. Very well written blog. I appreciate you can see the human reaction vs. the spiritual perspective. I have found what is important is that I can get to the spiritual perspective and not stay stuck in the human reaction.

  6. Ana says:

    Colin, thanks for your words about Lance Armstrong. I didn’t watch the interview, but I do feel strongly about cheating and lying (be it my own or someone else’s).

    Re healing angels: I want to add that recently, I’ve been drawn to Whitney Houston’s story. I watched her perform on youtube and read a few articles about her. This all happened without my thinking about it; I felt Spirit wanted my attention and showed me things about Whitney that mirror my own human experience.

    Whitney showed us, as Lance did, the incredible juxtaposition of light and dark that exists in all our human lifetimes. She was amazingly talented, and gave the world so much excellence in music, and in joy. Yet, she battled her demons of addiction to drugs, and also the underlying fears that got her into addiction in the first place. Her precious daughter lived through many years of confusion and despair, trying to get her mother’s attention, love and sanity (as I did, as well, in my personal life). My heart goes out to her, as I recognize myself in both Whitney and her daughter…and her mother as well. The lineage of mothers and daughters, and joy laced with pain, is within all of our family lineage, writ large for the world because of Whitney’s soaring talent. May she rest in peace.

    And Lance, may you hit bottom so that you can step into humility and from there, into healing.

    There’s only one of us here!

    blessings to all,

  7. Linda says:

    Thank-you Colin!

    Everybody is so busy either hating Lance or crucifying him, no one is exhibiting forgiveness. I just said to a friend the other day, is we, here in North America, are so quick to judge and cut somebody down, take their platform away. At least Lance has come clean and owned or is trying to own his mistakes. With responsibility and honesty. That takes a lot of courage. Where is our compassion as humanity for another human being,

    Your article really opened something out for me when I was asking where is our compassio and forgiveness. We have all lied, we have all been bullies and we have all been corrupt in different ways in our lives. Lance is an exaggerated example for us to consider who we want and don’t want to be.

    Thank-you for the spiritual perspective. For if we judge, we are being the same example. How can we extend love to a world that is mad about winning, being #1. This is so much larger than just Lance.

    Thank-you for writing how spirit might look at things.


  8. Karen Kimbell says:

    When I first read your comments regarding Oprah’s interview, I felt as some…Whoa…isn’t this guy all about forgiveness?…but I kept reading and as a player of Satori, it felt so good to feel the release of your true feelings and the energy behind it that, as you say in this blog, reflects something that we all in some way, good or bad, can relate to and love. Bravo again for being the human that you are and mirroring to us that we are who we are for good and for bad and should not be afraid of admitting it to ourselves if not to the universe. Blessings

  9. justine says:

    Thank you so much, I get it, thanks again!!

  10. Sylvia Samuelson says:

    I loved your comments regarding Lance Armstrong. It restored my faith that sometimes consequences must be paid for choices that are made despite the need for forgiveness to achieve healing.

  11. Dorothy Lippincott says:

    Yes, your original comments about Lance Armstrong did surprise me. I was waiting for your next comments to explain yourself, and looked for them as I have great faith in your willingness to choose to look at your judgments differently. Your comments about Lance Armstrong brought up my confusing feelings, judgments, etc. that I have of my nephew who is recovering from addiction to bath salts, seemingly drugs from hell (but who knows). I experience feelings of horror and great sadness that his actions can sometimes go so against my values. At the same time I experience compassion for him, remembering his difficult growing up years and seeing the times when his choices reflect his Higher Self. I am challenged to work with what this all brings up in me. And I’m challenged because I want to support both him and myself in our relationship.

  12. Shirah Penn says:

    Thank you for your insightful perspective on the Lance Armstrong situation. I would have never thought about looking at this from a higher altitude of soul transcendence. That his soul was mirroring to us the not so nice behaviors of cheating and lying to get ahead. The ego surely won out in that instance. I can certainly understand how forgiveness is the answer to our own soul transcendence as well. Lots of love, Gramma Shirah Penn

  13. Stephanie says:

    Namaste! Thank you for your perspective. Lance Armstrong will have to face his consequences with his personal Creator. While I respect his right to be who he is, the complexity of his situation is that he willingly made conscious choices that were based on selfish needs. No consideration for anyone else other then himself. I hope that this situation expands his perspective and worldview for the greator good of all. Aho!

  14. Nelly says:

    I feel very saddened by the anger that comes through in your post Mr Tipping. It seems to contradict the message from your books. If you feel that Lance Armstrong is a healing angel for us all , then where does the venom come from ? If you believe that he is a healing angel then you should be grateful for what has happened through him so that humanity can better see itself ( for we are all one ) and use this as an opportunity to become better people ourselves.
    I am more upset with your post than with what Lance has done. I always knew that he was lying . On the other hand I was inspired by your kind voice on the videos and cds and don’t know if I can listen to them anymore because I don’t know if you walk your own talk. I think that you have added anger to an already angry world and that saddens me. We need more love not hate.

  15. John C -Hingham says:

    All true! Whether it’s a gunman murdering our children or a deceitful, pathological liar betraying our trust our deep emotions are touched as we connect to the victims. It’s that feeling that connects us and lifts our consciousness. It’s because of that I can forgive the many perpetrators among us and see the big picture. Forgiveness lets us move on and connect to who we really are. Thank you Colin for your consistent trumpeting of this aspect of who we are.

  16. shalane says:

    He. Had a higher purpose that he doesn’t even know. He has raised all human consciousness and he did a very good job! As many people say they can’t stand him he is then somehow a mirror of their character. I love Oprah she is a god to me anyways I went to her live tour and she said Lance was the only person in all the years she has been interviewing people he was the only one after the interview to not say how was I hopw did I so?

  17. Wendy says:

    I have much more respect for you now than ever. You bring together in these two posts what I find missing in much of the spiritual leadership today – the element of being human. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and yet I see so many people rejecting human emotions and seeking that space where human emotion doesn’t exist. This, to me, is not living the human experience.

    I love how you brought the two together, and how you can see this situation from one of radical forgiveness and appreciate Lance at the soul level, but still own your human response to the situation. This perspective is beautiful to me, and it is what is missing from a lot of the teaching I have seen. I see nothing wrong with loving the person but hating the action, and embracing the full spectrum of human emotions. In fact, your rants are my favorite category on your blog.

    Thank you for being human. I can relate to that, and it helps me validate my own feelings of anger in regard to the injustice I see in this world.


  18. Moriah says:

    Coming from the shadows to confront the truth, its making oneself uncomfortable now to be in a more confortable position in the future.

  19. Fran says:

    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for being brave enough to articulate this! Thanks for bringing it back to what’s it’s really all about. Good job Colin, good job Lance’s higher self! :)

    love Fran

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