Is Radical Forgiveness a Cure for Cancer?

selfhatredTime and healing are directly related. For us to evolve to the extent that we can heal ourselves, we must have most of our consciousness in present time – not in the past or the future, but in the now.

Radical Forgiveness helps us be in present time because we do not forgive radically by going back into the past. We simply forgive the person who happens to be mirroring our projection right here in the present. That is the beauty of Radical Forgiveness.

We can either choose to let go of the victim archetype and bring our energy into the present through Radical Forgiveness or wait for a significant trauma to force us into the now. In other words, we can either transform our consciousness as a matter of will, or we can wait for a disaster or life-threatening illness to make us do it.

Whenever we judge, make someone wrong, blame, project, repress anger, hold resentment, etc., we create an energy block in our body. Each time, our filter becomes a little more blocked and less energy is available for our healing. When our physical and subtle bodies become too clogged for our life-force to flow through easily, our body starts shutting down.

This may first manifest as depression. Eventually, our body gets sick, and if the blocks are not removed, we may die. Whenever you forgive radically, you release enormous amounts of life-force energy that then can be made available for healing, creativity, and expressing your true purpose in life.

I have seen people even with late stage cancers let go of the victim archetype and bring their energy into present time. Through the process of Radical Forgiveness, they raised their vibration enough to create a quicker, if not immediate, disease reversal. Incorporating prayer and meditation are other ways of raising the body’s vibration.

I am not claiming that Radical Forgiveness is a definitive cure for cancer or other serious diseases, but it should certainly be an integral part of any treatment protocol. Every time we flush out some of our energy blocks, we let in a little more light and a little more energy becomes available for our healing.

Don’t wait until your energy seriously blocks your healing life force. Start now, and let Radical Forgiveness bring your energy into the present. The choice is yours.

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16 Responses to Is Radical Forgiveness a Cure for Cancer?

  1. Alice Geib says:

    I just finished a 4-month treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Right now I am in remission. However, my oncologist tells me that it is not a cure and eventually I will have to do the chemotherapy again. He is what the world calls a “born-again” Christian, and I wonder to myself: Does he not believe in Jesus healing us today? (I do not ask the question because I am too intimidated by him.) When I read what you had to say, I also wonder what I need to change about myself to create healing. That may be all I can do. I pray, of course, and I am a student of A.C.I.M. but I must be missing something. Can you tell me what it is??? Thank you for your time and expertise. Alice

    • Colin says:

      Hi Alice,

      If you are intimidated by your oncologist and he is telling you it will return, you are likely to believe him. Find another oncologist who believes in the power of the mind and of prayer to heal. Doctors can be very bad for your health and it seems he is one of them. Pray for the power to heal yourself and clear your energy field of any residual toxic energy that may have caused the cancer in the first place.


  2. Kim Freudenburg says:

    I do believe radical forgiveness is important. I recently had a biopsy of a cyst, and thought it may be cancer. This experiance taught me a lesson, and forgiveness is the main block. Forgiving myself and people that have been on the journey I need to releae and forgive, and LOVE. Thank you!! Blessings! Love, Kim Freudenburg

    • Colin says:

      I’m happy you have found that out for yourself. To make sure the forgiveness is really effective, do make sure you use the tools of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self Forgiveness. Ordinary forgiveness is not effective for most people.


  3. Yes, Colin, I even forgive my mind, the world and
    The seeming illnesses . Works every time.

  4. April Wilson says:

    Radical forgiveness is such a wonderful tool to set us free. Consistently forgiving myself and all of of my grievances against others creates wholeness, well being and brings the peace that surpasses all understanding. When I forgive, I can immediately feel a shift in my body, so I absolutely know it is impacting my health and well being. I had 2 parents who died of cancer, dad at 41 and mom at 68. I have had to forgive them over and over again and know for myself how blessed I am to have a practice of which they were not even aware. This has also enabled me to cultivate an awareness that I can take ownership of my own health and well-being by knowing the God of my being has directed and guided me to a practice which supports me in overriding the heredity concept.

    • Colin says:

      Hi April,
      Thank you for sharing this with everyone. It is a wonderful testimony to the healing power of Radical Forgiveness. Who knows what a difference it might have made to either one or both of your parents, but if it helps you stay clear, that’s a blessings.

  5. Nancy says:

    I’m getting it, Colin and have been sending as many people as possible to your site.
    RF isn’t about forgiveness! When a situation is perfect, there’s no need for forgiveness. When all the players are there by choice to help each other, no one and nothing needs to be forgiven.
    I’ve spent my summer heading straight into core beliefs with RF worksheets. As a situation stirs up emotions instead of saying, “This sucks,” I now say, “Hey, cool! Look what this is bringing up.”
    I learned about RF from your dear lady of Lima whose cancer “mysteriously” disappeared with RF work. Powerful stuff, indeed. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Raywyn M Erickson says:

    Absolutely, Self forgiveness … Forgiveness starts with Self for “judging” our feelings rather than being free, experiencing and expressing them … (head looking down upon heart) and as I began learning Acceptance – the magic key to healing … the tumors began disappearing much to the surprise of the Doctor. Reveal it (bringing it to Mind … shedding the light), Feel it to heal it! What the Mind-Body created it can recreate through understanding the Emotional-Spiritual Connection. Love is the Healer! Thanks for Radical Forgiveness it works wonders and I love it… Thank You Colin for heeding your calling and sharing this information with the World!!.

  7. Susan Murphy says:

    Infinite Love and Gratitude Beyond Belief to you Colon!! What a lightworker you are!

  8. Yes! Forgiveness and self-forgiveness is so important. However, as Colin states, it has to be a deeper forgiveness such as Radical Forgiveness. Without Radical Forgiveness, the anger and resentment just fester in every cell in the body and cause disease. After all, disease is a body that is not at ease! Thanks for the work you do Colin! ~Chris and Jon

  9. Mark Thomson says:

    Hi – I think care is needed to manage the expectations people have about being able to cure serious diseases and injury. Yes it is helpful for people to do radical forgivenss work, and to change their attitude.

    However, we are not immortal, and at this stage many people choose to leave this planet through cancer. My mother chose this route last year through bowel cancer.

    My father wanted her to make various chagnes to her lifestyle and mental outlook and was very angry when despite what she did do she still died. HIs anger of course is to do with accepting her death, they had been marreid and business partners for over 57 years.

    Life and death remain mysteries, and there are no simple solutions that fit every case.

    However, I’m sure that radical forgiveness work would still benefit the soul as it would mean issues are addresed here on earth where we came to learn about them.

  10. Diana says:

    Can you please talk more about the Victim Archetype. How do we heal this through the worksheets?


    • Colin says:

      Doing the worksheets connects us to our Spiritual Intelligence. We don’t have to do anything since it knows exactly what to do for the healing to happen.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Diana,

      We are all addicted to victim consciousness. We blame others for all our problems not realizing that our own Higher Self has created such circumstances for our learning. The worksheets work because they bypass the mind and connect us directly with our Higher self. For more, read either Radical Forgiveness or Expanding Into Love.

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