Meditating on Forgiveness

The Radical Forgiveness Meditations CDI have always made a big point about the fact that the tools of Radical Forgiveness do not depend on us being in a meditative state. 

When I read the 13 Steps, for instance, I read out each step in a normal voice pausing only to let you register what is said and then to answer “Yes” to the question.  I even say you can listen to the steps in the car if you wish.  Your Spiritual Intelligence gets it without you having to alter your brain wave frequency.

That said, when I first wrote the book, I suggested the use of just three meditations that I felt would be useful additions to the actual technology.  Two of them are in the Radical Forgiveness book still.  

Chapter 29 features The Rose Meditation, which is one you use to protect yourself from any energy coming from someone that might otherwise drag your vibration down.  The principle here is that the rose is a symbol of Love, so any time you feel uncomfortable with someone, you just visualize a rose half way between you and them.  No energy is stronger than Love so you know you are protected, while at the same time you can be totally present with the person.

Chapter 30 contains one that people who were very attached to inner-child work found challenging, to say the least: The idea of giving our wounded inner child a funeral. It is called, A Wake for the Inner Child, and I wrote you an essay about this last week. 

Once we know that everything was perfect and nothing wrong happened, we no longer need to have this little person inside us on whom to project our pain.  So we lovingly allow it to pass on with love and appreciation for the work it has done for us in the past.  It is a rather lovely process and frees us from needing to hold onto our wounds. 

I was giving a lecture in Florida and a man stood up and shared that he was in a hotel room one day seriously intent on killing himself.  He read this meditation right then.  He said it saved his life and thanked me for it.

One that is not in the book, but is on the Radical Forgiveness CD, is one that JoAnn wrote and recorded, The Grounding Meditation.  We play this at the beginning of our Miracles workshop to get everyone grounded, get their chakras into balance and then to set their own protection rose for the day.

The Grounding Meditation allows people to be in the presence of people expressing emotions without taking on their pain. This is essential for people who tend to be very empathetic and have a strong tendency to take on the pain of others, that being a very strong feature of co-dependency.  This is what makes this meditation such a good one to listen to.

While these meditations do not, in themselves, qualify as tools for Radical Forgiveness, they are certainly very handy meditations to have, and to listen to as and when needed.  In the case of JoAnn’s Grounding Meditation, you wouldn’t be overdoing it if you listened to it every morning as a way to start your day.

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