Inner Critic Eviction Notice

evictionRadical Forgiveness is the unconditional acceptance of what is, as is; because that is exactly how it is meant to be.  When we apply this to ourselves, we can say that Radical Self-Forgiveness is accepting the consequences of being ourselves. We are who we are because that’s exactly who we are meant to be.  

That said, most people would agree that finding love, forgiveness and acceptance for others is much easier than finding it for ourselves.  Our own self-hatred is so deep that it is very hard for us to rise above it and touch the essence of who we really are, which is Love.  

Some say our self-hatred is rooted in our shame for having chosen to separate from God against His will… the original sin. I don’t believe this at all.  On the contrary, I would venture to say that our self-hatred is the result of organized religion having drummed into us that we are sinners and in need of being saved by someone or something else.  How dis-empowering and shaming is that?  No wonder we hate ourselves.

The result is that we have become deeply divided within and have split ourselves into multiple personalities or archetypes.  Herein lies the problem with self-forgiveness.  We are not a singular self but a whole community of selves, all of whom have different ideas about who we are and how we should show up in the world.  Included among this rabble are myriad inner voices: judge, lover, clown, parent, child, professor, prostitute, critic, saboteur, and probably several more unique to each person.

It’s not surprising we have trouble accepting ourselves just the way we are, with such an incredible cast of characters inside our heads.  They are a noisy, argumentative lot, filling us with conflicting stories about ourselves. It all gets to be very confusing.

The two that create the most problems are the inner judge and the inner critic.  The inner parent can be troublesome too, so make that three.  Unfortunately they are the noisiest members of the community, so it is often their voices we hear in our heads telling us we are not OK and that we have to be different to the way we are.  When we appeal to them for self-forgiveness, they always say NO!  They love to make us feel guilty and unloved.

Knowing what we know about Radical Forgiveness and the Tipping Method, the solution is obvious:  We do an end run around our collective human self (Our Ego), and make a direct appeal for self-forgiveness to the one true self that recognizes the perfection of who we are just the way we are – our Higher Self.  This is the part of us that loves us unconditionally just the way we are.  As soon as we connect to this only true part of us, the rabble inside our head goes quiet.  They realize they have no power left over us now.  Forgiveness is always given by your Higher Self, because it knows the Truth.

In the same way Radical Forgiveness tools give us a way to get direct access to our Higher Self, the Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance worksheet is available to circumvent the self-loathing that nasty rabble keeps chattering about to your ego. You may download a copy of it for free in Colin’s Cafe.  It  is in the Free Stuff section.

The Online Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance program is also available to people who want to dig a little deeper and really get to the heart of the matter.

Regardless of which tool you choose, it’s time to give that quarrelsome rabble the boot and start truly loving yourself.

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11 Responses to Inner Critic Eviction Notice

  1. Donna says:

    Yes, there are some serious problems with the baggage of religion.

    However, there is the existence of a spiritual realm.
    The spirit lives on after passing from the physical body.
    Many thousands of spirits live in the spiritual realm;
    in fact, from a few hundred generations or more of
    human lineages….
    Our consciousness is influenced by numerous spiritual beings
    that influence our thoughts….
    For example, I think fondly about the poetry of 19th century
    English poets and American transcendentalist poets. My grandmother
    happened to love these poets. Some of these poets call to me as they
    must have to her….they resonate with or within my own consciousness.

    My grandmother passed on when I was one years old. So, she did not
    tell me about these poets. Later in life, I learned how she loved these
    poets by finding a letter essay she wrote about them. I was amazed that
    I had spent so much of my research time on just what she had read….

    Now, the existence of many spirits in our lineages are not all good; some
    have very corrupt and negative thoughts and possibly deeds….
    When we live our lives in our earthly bodies, these spirits of past earthly
    bodies may come to us to live out in us their desires, some good and some
    Yet, we are beings of original goodness, truth and beauty—that is, we
    come from and manifest the Divine in us….Yet, if we have any negative
    influences that come from our lineage, we have to reckon with them.
    As Jacob wrestled with the angel, we too may have to wrestle with these
    Good psychological coaching may not be enough for some. That is why
    those who have greater afflictions, such as Bipolar depression, cannot
    just talk it away or practice meditative explorations that you or
    Eckhardt Tolle describe. My friend’s teenager has this affliction. She
    became more functional and enjoying a greater well-being by reading God’s
    words in devotional scriptures, going to a prayer retreat that used shamanistic prayer techniques, taking her medical prescriptions and balanced nutrients, in addition to having a loving, supportive environment and parents.

    And, religious understanding is not entirely wrong about the human
    psyche. Many afflictions are generational- alcoholism, depressions etc.
    Past lineages of mixed influences came from a long line of human
    history, originating with original sin, where God’s purity was defiled by the
    act of sexual disobedience by Adam and Eve. This is not just a story. The
    effects of this origin has influenced countless people today who have multiple
    sexual afflictions and now multiple divorce rates in the contemporary world.
    From politicians to ministers, sexual sins and fallen nature abound.

    Yes, to restore this, each person has to take individual responsibility and learn about his/her own inheritances fromfamily lineage and collective cultural identities. And, yes, our own integrity and determination and willingness to desire the goodness, truth and beauty of our original mind and souls can bring the victory.

    “True Freedom,” as theologian Paul Tillich says, “is in doing God’s will.” So, I
    would not discount the positive effects of religious efforts to bring truth, goodness
    and beauty through the teachings and blessings of Jesus or any other pure soul
    in order to transfer the spirit of God’s love and wisdom.

    • LS says:

      Donna, original sin has nothing to do with a sexual act. The original sin was Eve eating the apple after God commanded her not to. The serpent didn’t convince her to have sex, it convinced her to eat the apple. Simple as that.

      • LS says:

        ….And after Adam and Eve were cast out from the Garden of Eden, God commanded them to “multiply and replenish the earth”. I don’t think He meant only to water the existing plants. He commanded them to have children…..and that means having sex (because they didn’t have IV therapies back then).

        Sorry, but it really bugs me that people are taught that the original sin was all about sex, when it was not. And here’s more food for thought… would we all be here if nobody had sex, and therefore, had children?

      • Donna says:

        Why would God give a simple apple such power?
        That you would eat of it…and die?
        No, the apple was a SYMBOL for something else…
        more desirable.
        It is not that sex is bad; it is only bad when it is
        engaged in at the wrong time; such as adultery
        and in the case of Adam and Eve, they were told
        to keep the commandment, “not to eat of the fruit”
        before they had reached maturity and God would
        consent to their consummation of their relationship.
        That is why Adam and Eve then had to hide their
        “parts” in shame, they had engaged in the sexual
        act prematurely without God’s permission. Eve
        did so first by letting the serpent seduce her with
        the spirit hidden within the serpent (who was the
        jealous archangel trying to tempt Eve away from
        Adam….then Eve went to Adam realizing that she
        was meant to be with him and she tempted him;
        he succumbed since he forgot God’s commandment
        This is all theology; but the practical result is the
        rampant fornication and promiscuity and adultery
        we see today that has brought many families to
        ruin not to mention the rampant nature of sexual
        criminal acts and rape etc.
        This is not pleasant news to behold.
        However, we have to see the reality….
        in order to understand the beautiful purity that
        God envisioned in creating human beings in his/her
        image….He envisioned paradise on earth.
        What would that be? True Love.

  2. Mary Harbison says:

    Thank you Colin!
    Your work is such a gift.
    I often think that is we get really simple, our self aggression is the root of all evil,
    as we project it out and feel the need to fight it.

  3. Lynell Mooney says:

    I enjoy reading your words each day. I don’t try to give organized religion the power of either negatively influencing me or positively influencing me. It seems to be symptomatic of the separation from God which, I believe, was the original error. If we made this “error” out of curiousity or the purpose of soul growth, that doesn’t seem to be important to me anymore. However, the influence or result is still with me and this I deal with in faith. I believe the Universe conspires to bring me in awareness of the All Good–and it uses whatever means I am currently “wearing”. Blessings to you–My Prayer Partner and I are going to be reading Radical Self-Forgiveness together next month. Keep up the good work!

  4. Susan Murphy says:

    Yep!!! So wonderful to have you remind us how to get out of victim land!!! I love your “look what I created, I notice the feelings of—-, It is ok, I am completely lovable and acceptable I feel much better now.
    Infinite love and gratitude beyond belief!

  5. Rita Canada says:

    God, to me is a verb and not a noun. I feel life(God) is kindness, love, peace and freedom. Life also is meanness, hate, war and slavery. We are as we do, the words(thoughts) are meaningless without the action (doing). All of us do the best we can in the moment, the only place life(God) can be, a choice is made in the moment to live happily or suffer sadly. The voice or voices in the head are merely contemplation of past or future thoughts and feelings. They are constantly changing…….so don’t take them too, seriously! I am a winner always and all ways…..You can be a sinner if you choose…..its entirely up to you!

    • Donna says:

      Yes, that is right.

      So, a good religion will clarify what is God’s ideal–what is true,
      pure, good, beautiful…(the vertical way); and a good psychology
      will clarify the process to resolve human problems such as doing
      radical forgiveness that resolves the burdens of feeling, unworthiness…
      guilt etc. for who we are not (how parents/culture may make one feel) and what we may have done and need atonement for (personal mistakes and sin). The goal is to be horizontally liberated through the psychological process of
      Radical forgiveness, which works to bring unconscious and conscious feelings
      to the surface and reckon with them, and also to be vertically aligned through
      Godly values of truth, goodness and beauty in all our love relationships.
      I appreciate the method of Radical Forgiveness; it works well to help me
      deal with my feelings in a healthy process of realizing how what is in my
      unconscious may have contributed to what was happening in my encounters
      with others…Yes, the unconscious manifests in our reality and suppressed,
      unresolved feelings can be liberated through following the Radical Forgiveness
      worksheets with being honest about what we really feel. I am so glad that
      I did the work that Colin has provided.
      Thank you, Colin!

  6. Rick says:

    Hello big brother
    thanks for your open and authentic way of being such a bright light on the path for me….you and your team are making the spiritual life very attractive….

  7. Carl Ray says:

    Thanks! I can relate to the inner critics. They controlled my life for years until I began to deal with how I felt about myself. I was consumed with guilty and self-hatred. For years I refused to think of self-hatred because it’s not normal to hate yourself even though your actions confirms that you do. That was an important first step in me dealing with my inner critics. And ten years ago I purchased “Radical Forgiveness.”

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