After the Wake-Up Call

Wake UpRemember that song by Neil Sedaka — Breaking up is Hard to Do?  Well waking up is even harder.  Especially the bit just prior to it that forces you to wake up to the fact you’ve been living a dream.  Some call it their wake-up call.  Others experience it as the dark night of their soul.  Whatever you call it, it usually ain’t fun.

You’ve been there, I’m sure.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t at some stage of awakening to the truth of who you are and what you are doing here. 

It’s clear to you now that you came here to experience a lot of separation during the first half of your life, just so you could experience it as the opposite of the truth that we are all ONE.  This was your assignment.

You have also become aware that the purpose of relationship was never the pursuit of happiness.  It was, in fact, to give you the illusion of togetherness (a form of oneness) and then to have you experience various forms of separation over and over again, within each of your relationships.  That is, until you achieved the amount of separation you signed up for before your incarnation.  You may even recall that you had a soul contract with some of those you have been in relationship with.

You had to forget the real purpose for a while just so you would play the normal human relationship game, but now that the truth has dawned or is dawning, the next question is — what next?

The first thing is to make an urgent assessment of your current relationship. Did it survive all those dramas?

If so, can you possibly take it the next level?  That’s where the purpose becomes expanding into a form of love that is about equality, freedom, respect and unconditional love.  That’s the next challenge, of course.  And that’s exactly what my Expanding in Love Workshop is designed to help you with, by the way. 

But what about those relationships that tanked?  Did you do a good job creating ways to feel the pain of separation?  Excellent.  Did you notice a pattern at all?  If so, it was probably one that connected you back to your parents and your early experiences of separation with them, right?  (You chose your parents, remember?) 

But here’s what you must realize.  Even though you know all that was perfect, you are very likely to be holding the energy of all those old victim/perpetrator stories in the cellular structure of your body.  It is highly toxic to you and will remain there forever if you don’t go back along your own timeline and clear it right out. 

To do this, you must use the tools of Radical Forgiveness to forgive everyone who caused you to feel the pain of separation, including your current partner. Only then can you move to the next level in your relationships. 

If you don’t have one at the moment, do this work on all your past relationships.  You will then be free to create a conscious relationship in which expanding into Love is the one and only purpose.

P.S. Don’t forget to attend my FREE webinar, Assessing Your Relationship. Whether or not you are currently in a relationship, I’ll help you identify – and drop – the baggage you may still be carrying. See you there!

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3 Responses to After the Wake-Up Call

  1. mary boutin says:

    Thanyou….for reminding me this is perfect at this time in my life..see you at the webinars.

  2. will says:

    Thanks Colin,
    On the money I’m really looking forward to healing, and loving relationships.

  3. Carol Pease says:

    Thanks for this and the discussion about relationships! I did the Radical Forgiveness work a few years ago. I am so glad I did. It helped me to get ready for my mother’s death (who I had a huge amount of resentment against and work to do in the relationship). I also did some very necessary work with my relationship with my husband and that has been perfect–he is battling cancer and I can be there on a very deep level for him–this would never have been possible —and wonder of wonders, THEY had to do nothing! It was all about me and what I needed to do to take these relationships (and me) to the next level!!
    Thank you!

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