A Game of Chicken

Did I scare you off with my ‘Only If You Dare’ e-mail?  I was pretty blunt about the risk of doing the Expanding in Love workshop, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had said to yourself, “no way, Jose!” 


Dealing with your shadow stuff can be scary, but quite honestly compared to the Miracles Workshop, this one is not so bad in that regard, I promise.  I will admit, though, it does ask you to confront your beliefs and habits about relationships, so there’s a fair chance it could shake things up a bit for you. 


But can you honestly say that things couldn’t use a bit of a shake-up in the relationship department right now?  It doesn’t have to be ‘make-it-or-break-it’ time, really.  A little tweaking can go a long way, and the payoff could be amazing.


Would it reassure you if I told you that in England, my youngest daughter, Caroline, came with her husband to this same workshop and both loved it?  Well, they did.  It was their first ever workshop — not just with me but any workshop.


(I was very nervous about her coming because she would have told me in no uncertain terms if she thought I was full of you know what.  That’s just the way she is.  I love her for it, though.)


Actually, she didn’t, and she tells me they have spent quality time re-negotiating the terms of their relationship, creating boundaries, learning about each other’s sexual personalities and, most important of all, have committed to talking to each other about these things even if it seems it might be a bit difficult.  It has improved their relationship no end – and co-incidentally (ha-ha), her business.  That too has blossomed. (And she now thinks her ‘ole man’ is quite cool!)


So, don’t be a chicken.  If your relationship needs help, get yourself to the workshop.  You still have a bit of time to book for the one in April, in Truckee, CA, but this is definitely the last call for the one in Atlanta March 14th – 16th.  Register today.


And don’t play chicken about making me an offer if the only reason you have not booked already is that you don’t have the money.  Tell me what you can genuinely afford as a real stretch so you get value from the workshop and I will consider it, so long as there are still spaces left.  So act now.

Not in a relationship right now?  That’s okay, we have many single attendees as well, and believe me, there is no harm in working through your past relationships.  It will give you the confidence to set boundaries right from the start of your next relationship… and almost everything you learn can be applied to any relationship, from work to family to friends.

I look forward to seeing you.

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