A Real But Vicarious Buzz

Training copyIn my last message I waxed lyrical about how satisfying it is to coach people in Radical Forgiveness, self-forgiveness and all the other Radical Living strategies derived from them. My purpose was to encourage you to learn to do the same by taking the training.

But I confess that in doing so, I became quite nostalgic for the days when I did only that — working one-on-one with clients. I miss it a great deal. It is so incredibly rewarding. These days, I just write, plan courses, do workshops, travel extensively and run the business.

I do enjoy most of that, but watching the light bulbs go on in people as they suddenly get what their story is really all about is a real buzz. It’s addictive even. It is such a privilege to be part of someone’s life transformation.

In the online training programs, there are a whole bunch of videos of me doing real sessions with people as real demonstrations. (I got those done by putting the word out offering free sessions if they would agree to be filmed.)

When I review these videos with students during the live training, I realize just how much I miss working with individuals in a coaching context. It’s so amazing to see those light bulbs popping one after another.

I was also inspired by the degree of courage people had when confronted with their past hurts and yet how willing they became to see the perfection in it and let it all go. It sure does help me let go of my own stuff whenever I think about them, or get e-mails from them telling how much their life has changed.

But even though I do little coaching one-on-one, I am not denied the pleasure that comes from it. I now get that buzz in a more vicarious manner by showing others how to get those kind of results, sharing in their joy and in the rewards that come from them doing the work. That is very satisfying for me.

If Radical Forgiveness Coaching is something that interests you, I hope I might one day have that same pleasure hearing about your success with this work.

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3 Responses to A Real But Vicarious Buzz

  1. Fay says:

    I am not interested in teaching but I have been working with Dr. Michael
    Konstantinovsky and his wife Zhana, in Holon Israel for quite a few years and I must say that my relationships with many people (on whom I filled out questionnaires) has improved greatly and my family has told me that I have changed and I am more understanding. When I first met Michael and Zhana I was a very angry person and now I am much more calm and accepting. I even sat with my granddaughter on a questionnaire regarding her boss – and she was shocked at the revelations it got her. She understood herself better and since then has no problems with the boss! I want to thank you and bless you for what you have done and for the fact that there are so many of your tools available free. With admiration and gratitude, and sending your my best wishes -Fay

    BTW when are you going to come to Israel – perhaps you can influence the warring parties in our area to sit down and forgive each other and see what part they played in the aggression of both – because, in my opinion , both sides are right and both are wrong – and peace would be so helpful to all of us!

  2. Lily says:

    I am interest in learning the arts of what Colin is doing to help other bit I am just unable to come up with the funds. Is there something that I can do for a free session ?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Lily,

      Allowing people to take any of our courses for “free” just propagates the state of lack. We teach people how to transform those core negative beliefs from lack to ones of abundance. If we allowed you to do it for free, we would be going opposite of what we teach.

      We have provided very liberal payment plans and even a very inexpensive program that will help you manifest the money for the training. If you are interested in doing that go to http://tinyurl.com/ManifestMoneyTraining or call Shari at 972-202-9926 and she can answer all your questions.

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