A Fly on the Wall

This isn’t Colin’s typical flyThursday blog. This is being written by me, Shari Claire, one of the senior coaches at the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, and one of the people behind the scenes.

I have been involved in Radical Forgiveness one way or another for almost 12 years. If you have ever emailed or called the Institute, I’m probably the person that you spoke to or corresponded with.

When Colin gave me the opportunity to assist with the Expanding in Love Workshop in Atlanta last week, I jumped at the chance. Being able to observe the way Colin interacts with the attendees and his subtle ways of teaching are always a joy to see, and I learn so much that I can take back to my own practice.

Colin has been doing the Expanding in Love Workshop in Europe, and this was the first one in the United States. He told me how much success they’d had, and I was very excited to see how the technology of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation could lend itself to strengthening existing relationships, manifesting new relationships, and putting closure to those relationships that no longer serve us.

And, I had the advantage of being the observer – the little fly on the wall.

The group attending the workshop was very diverse. There were five couples; four people who were in existing relationships, but were not with their partners; and the remaining 9 were either desiring to manifest a relationship or to put closure on a past relationship.

Of the five couples that attended, one was newly wed and came to learn the tools needed to build a good foundation. One couple had a fairly good relationship, but was experiencing a little bump in the road surrounding some sexual issues. One couple was in therapy and had already separated. Their desire was to get as much clarity about their relationship and a decision to either end their marriage or continue working things out. The other two couples had all but decided to call it quits, but attended as a last-ditch effort to see if the relationship was salvageable.

As with any workshop, the first day was typical with people showing up with a little bit of fear and apprehension. The idea of getting real when surrounded by strangers is often daunting, but the format of this workshop soon made people feel relaxed, open, and hopeful that they would not only learn new skills but would have definitive answers by the end of the weekend.

As I checked people in at the door, I observed how stressed some of the participants looked. Some of them had resistance drawn all over their faces, but by the end of that first night I could see a lot of the armor people walked in with starting to drop.

Saturday consisted of learning a whole battery of new tools and how to apply them, and really got down to assessing what baggage we may have brought into our relationships and how we so often attract our opposites. It was fun to watch people realize what their sexual personalities were, and how that played out in not only their intimate relationships, but in most relationships they have in everyday life.

Sunday was a day of fun, sharing, reconciliation, planning, making commitments, tears, laughter, and people being real. Everyone there was so grateful to the couples who had participated so openly and who showed all of us the true meaning of commitment, communication, and unconditional love.

We always take a group picture at the end of every workshop. I wish we would have taken a before picture on that first night, and compared it to the one we took Sunday afternoon. It was as if they had all gone through a time machine, because they looked younger, happier, full of life, and had that inner glow that is only possible when you find your true self.

Colin and JoAnn were on their “A” games, and I feel very privileged to have been a small part of this awesome Expanding in Love Workshop. See the testimonials below.

If you have any doubt about this workshop being of benefit to you, please shoot me an email at support@radicalforgiveness.com or pick up the phone and call me at 972–202–9926. I would love to talk to you.



P.S. You can click here to read more about the Expanding in Love Workshop taking place in Truckee, CA in April.

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4 Responses to A Fly on the Wall

  1. Sharon says:


    Your article is well written and inspires me to look at into expanding into love with greater depth.

    This looks like a wonderful opportunity. I will check out some of the expanding into love worksheets on the website for the time being. It would be nice to attend a workshop. This is exactly what I need, to open my heart to greater love.


  2. Kathy says:

    Great blog!!!
    Brought tears to my eyes for the great work being done here, and positive outcomes.

  3. Bernard McConnell says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. I find it inspiring. Such a great work shop.

  4. Katie says:

    Great blog post Shari! I also had the pleasure of attending the Expanding in Love Atlanta workshop and also Colin’s Miracles workshop this past January. Honestly, this explaination of what occured in Atlanta could not have been better said. The transformation people go through in a three day workshop is priceless, you can absolutely see the difference in their faces, many looked 10 years younger. The peace and confidence that everyone feels on the last day of a workshop is astonishing, its like meeting a new person! I know from personal experience, not only from watching the other attendees, about the huge transformation that occurs when you start living consciously. The workshops give you the skills, confidence and support to live with this perspective from here on out, there is no turning back and it is the most beautiful and joyus thing you will ever experience. Colin, JoAnne and Shari are the most caring and “real” people, they are just amazing. You have to meet them in person, gift yourself this priceless experience, you are worth it!

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