Living Radical Forgiveness

filling out a worksheetSpirituality without practical application is baloney.   The same is true for Radical Forgiveness. It’s a great idea, but unless you apply it, nothing changes.

You can read all about it, but until you actually do a worksheet, you’ll never have the full experience of it.   That’s why I did the webinar on the Radical Forgiveness worksheet last week.

If you were on the call, I hope you got it that trying to do it in your head doesn’t work. Your mind simply gets in the way. (The replay of the webinar is available in the membership area of Colin’s Cafe.)

Don’t ask me why or how the worksheet makes it work. I only know that it does.   Maybe it has the effect of bypassing your rational mind and going straight to your Spiritual Intelligence instead. Who knows?

You don’t have to be a smart-ass either. Your Spiritual Intelligence doesn’t need complex theories and algorithms, just your willingness to allow it to be activated. Nothing else is required. Here’s the deal:

  • Radical Forgiveness requires no special skill or ability.
  • It requires no belief or faith. Just the willingness to try it.
  • Proximity of time and space are not required. Results are immediate, and distance is no factor on how others might be affected energetically.
  • You aren’t required to like the person (though you will probably feel quite differently about him/her after doing the worksheet).

I like to call it a “fake it till you make it” system. The Radical Forgiveness tools only require that you be willing to open to the idea that these ideas might be true. By placating your rational mind with, “There, there, I don’t believe it either, but let’s just see what happens,” it gives up its resistance and your Spiritual Intelligence can take over.

I am getting ready to leave for England May 19th and will be showing people over there and in Europe how to do the work. Needless to say, I have all the worksheets and 13 Steps audios translated into the right languages.   I have them in Russian, French, German and Spanish.

I’m doing a Miracles Workshop in Switzerland in June, but that’s going to be in English only. No translation required on that one.

We still have 5 spots open, so if you fancy a quick trip over to Switzerland, check out the Events Page for the details and to register. It’s your last chance this year to do what you need to do to clear your energy field of all that old energy you may have stored up. Make it a “healing vacation.”

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4 Responses to Living Radical Forgiveness

  1. Julie Telang says:

    I am a widow, and I am willing to look back on my own life although I do not feel a major estangement from anyone at present.

  2. Darcy Richardson says:

    I know it works and I need to do it again. From the murder of one of my best friends to to cancer and addiction , I have an acceptance of life I never dreamed I would have.
    Thank you Colin!

  3. Elisa says:

    I’m very happy to be at your miracle workshop in june!!! I can’t wait!

  4. Lisa says:

    I know these worksheets WORK, I have been using them for years! I use them for myself, my husband and sister, and I am sure the opportunity will come to use them again!
    Colin, Thank you

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