Preventing Cancer with Radical Forgiveness

Preventing Cancer with Radical Forgiveness

For the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about keeping your energy clear and your vibration high. The other benefit to this is that you may well prevent cancer from forming.

It’s not that unforgiveness causes cancer… it’s that the suppression of anger, resentment, and grief disrupts the normal operation of our bodies.

  • Stanford University researchers found that women who repressed their emotions were more likely to show disruptions in the normal balance of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • The Journal of Psychosomatic Research reported that extreme suppression of anger was the most commonly identified characteristic of 160 breast cancer patients.
  • A University of Colorado study found that people who repressed their emotions after a traumatic event had lower immune systems than those who shared their feelings.

These disruptions lead to weakened immune system responses, and it’s this weakened immune system that opens the door to diseases such as cancer.

I’m certainly not denying that you may get cancer regardless of your emotional well-being. The genetic link to cancer has been well proven, and some people without the gene who are healthy emotionally may have some other immune system breakdown that allows cancer to grow. But one of the well-documented links does appear to be between repressing your feelings and cancer.

To assess your own risk of getting cancer, people who stoically deny their feelings conform to what has come to be known as the “Type C” personality. This is virtually the same as “the cancer personality,” described by researcher and scientist O. Carl Simonton as someone who:

  • Represses their emotions
  • Maintains a facade of pleasantness
  • Never expresses anger
  • Strives excessively to please authority figures
  • Self-sacrificing and non-assertive
  • Focuses attention on others and away from themselves
  • Co-dependent

Is this you? If so, many researchers believe you are more vulnerable to cancer than people who are more assertive and take better care of themselves, physically and emotionally. You can read more about this in Application #4 of my book 25 Uses for Radical Forgiveness.

The prevention? Using Radical Forgiveness techniques to feel your feelings, reframe your victim story, and let go of the past. By clearing your energy you’ll raise your vibration to a much higher level, allowing healing energy to flow all through your body. Your immune system will thank you.



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3 Responses to Preventing Cancer with Radical Forgiveness

  1. joyce miles says:

    Hi Colin & JoAnn,
    You are so right on with this about cancer. Back in 1976 I was going through a marriage that was very stressful. I didn’t know what to do. He was verbally abusive. He was a cop, I had no skills to get a job outside the home. Had 3 children, what to do. I was scared & felt alone. So, guess what? Cervical cancer showed up. It was a schedule 4. Surgery was done, 8 months later more. Surgery again. I went to Mexico for treatment and a change in my way of eating. Guess this scared the “husband.” As he started to be some kinder. I have been cancer free since 1976. He died in 2006 from cancer. I met a wonderful man and have been with him for 5 years. Life is good!
    Thank you for how you & JoAnn are helping our planet.

  2. Ilse-Lore Trunk says:

    I wish I would have known and deeply accepted this approach before the breast cancer hit me — I can only strongly agree that, in my case, my emotional life was a very big element in the disintegration of my health, which I now carefully try to redirect by being as authentic as possible and speak my truth. In the process I had, of course, to take responsibility for my short-falling in many of my primary relationships — and this is an on-going process. I want to close this with a prayer for harmony within me! Thank you.

  3. JoAnn Tipping says:

    Thank you for your heart-felt responses, it is always good to get feed back and it helps others with similar situations. Blessings be with you, JoAnn T.

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