Radical Manifestation: Your Weight Loss Secret Weapon

Radical Weight LossRadical Manifestation: Your Weight Loss Secret Weapon

As I noted last week, when I ask “What do you want to manifest?” the first answer is usually “More money!” The second answer I hear is “Weight loss.”

People often don’t realize that manifestation is not about creating money; it’s about creating the life you want. This act of creation can take many forms, and the Universe is very creative and obliging in helping us.

Just as I outlined with manifesting money last week, you have to shift your thinking around weight loss in order to make it happen.

Body Hatred
As we know, the paradigm shift of Radical Forgiveness is that we have chosen our path of separation in order to truly experience Oneness. But our experience of separation is painful, and our body is the vehicle our soul inhabits during this time. Is it any wonder we are not only obsessed with our bodies, but hate them for the same reason?

Having taken on a body as a symbol of separation, it follows that the body must also symbolize the intense pain that inevitably accompanies the sense of separation. Don’t you think part of us might remember what it is like to be just spirit and wish we were no longer encumbered with a body?

The body issue over which we constantly obsess is the issue of weight. It serves as one of our most convenient targets for self-hatred, and continues to enable an extremely profitable weight loss market. We “buy in” to the notion of an ideal body, the criteria for which virtually no one can hope to meet, and our body hatred is further cemented.

Weight As Protection
Weight is not only a convenient expression of our self-hatred; many people carry a lot of excess weight because of their history of sexual abuse, in childhood or as an adult. The fear of sexual abuse or assault can also cause people to gain weight.

The weight forms a protective shield, and food becomes a pain-numbing comforter, as addictive as drugs or alcohol, and more difficult because we can’t just give it up, we have to change how we use it. We can all live without any drugs or alcohol, but we can’t live without food, setting up a constant struggle.

But the protective weight shield and the use of food as a painkiller doesn’t work, it only serves to make you unhappy and unhealthy.

Radical Forgiveness First: The Paradigm Shift
Radical Forgiveness will allow you to shift your consciousness away from victim to whole and complete spiritual being. No matter how traumatic your experience, you can give up the victim story and make a powerful paradigm shift that will allow you to release the weight, easily and naturally.

In other words, when you heal the wound, the need for the weight as protection or as a confirmation of your self-hatred drops away… and the pounds drop away as well.

Radical Forgiveness + Radical Manifestation
This is a powerful duo! Once you’ve made the Radical Forgiveness paradigm shift and heal, you can use the Radical Manifestation tools to create the body you want. How cool is that!

Let’s take another look at the sub-title of my book, Radical Manifestation, which is The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want:

What does that mean to you?
What kind of life do you want to create?
If you had the means to create what you want, what do you actually want?

To really make Radical Manifestation work, it is necessary to make a shift in our perception about reality. Things we are programmed to believe need to be questioned and revised to free us from the pain of the past and bring us into the joy of today.

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