Bringing your family to work

Bicker BrothersBringing your family to work

I doubt it would surprise you to learn that, just as issues in your family of origin cause us problems in our everyday lives in general, and in romantic relationships in particular, they get acted out in the workplace as well.
That fact is we bring more than our lunch to work with us each day. We bring many generations of our family with us. The way we deal with conflict, how we talk to and engage co-workers, how we manage our employees and our bosses, is a direct reflection of what we have buried in our subconscious minds.
I have coined a word for this emotional baggage we have stuffed down and tried to forget. It is HUMENERGY.
What we have shoved down deep is not inert. I believe we have an innate desire to heal that humenergy, and we are always looking for an opportunity to heal it. The work environment is the perfect playing field for healing all our unresolved issues.  
For example, if we have unhealed issues with our mother, we will attract someone just like her at work with whom to work out those issues. If we had a very authoritarian father, we will create a situation where we have a boss who is a bully just like him. We will then work out our issues with him.
This is good for the individual at the spiritual level, but might be terrible from a career point of view. More often than not, it is disastrous for the company.
Suppose, for instance, that your father always said you will never amount to anything, and that became a subconscious belief. Then, when you got a good promotion, guess what? It didn’t fit your belief system, so you began to sabotage yourself and everyone around you so you could be right. The result is disaster.
With co-workers, we may act out our past relationships with siblings; with bosses; our past relationships with our parents; and so on.
The answer of course, is to recognize that “we are never upset for the reason we think.” So whenever a conflict arises at work, you know it is triggering something that needs to be healed.
So you do a worksheet on the person with whom you are upset. That not only dissolves the upset with him or her, but heals the underlying issue in you that was being activated. It really is that simple.
We have a slightly modified Radical Forgiveness worksheet for the corporate environment. It is called The Balancing Humenergy Worksheet.
Using this and other tools has an effect beyond just you. It shifts the energy in the workplace around you, and it is catching. (Love, which is the energy behind forgiveness is infectious.)
Co-workers become more cooperative and more productive. When owners and managers use the Radical Forgiveness tools themselves and show others how to use them, it raises the vibration of the company. The benefits of that is increased productivity, higher morale, less attrition and higher profits.
P.S. Radical Self-Forgiveness is an important tool for healing your workplace regrets, join me next Thursday, August 21, at 1:30 pm for a FREE webinar on the Radical Self-Forgiveness Worksheet. Even if you can’t join me at that time, registering guarantees you’ll be invited to the 72 hour replay, so you can listen at your convenience.

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  1. Linda Vorano says:

    I had difficulty downloading this worksheet. When I clicked on checkout it asked for information to have the product mailed.

  2. Diana says:

    Using the radical forgiveness worksheet in the workplace is the next logical place to go. I often found myself saying leaving a job can be like getting a divorce. Working witb some supervisors and managers can be like working with people who bring their bad parenting habits into the
    office. Thank you, Colin for this webinar.

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