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by Colin Tipping

The more technology shrinks and connects our world, the more we are confronted with challenges that we have to deal with, almost on a daily basis. As I watch it all unfold, I will be inspired from time to time, to focus attention on and share with you how my Radical Living Strategies can help all of us meet our challenges with greater ease and compassion. My hope is that these offerings give you the insight you need to create the peaceful, fulfilling life you desire.

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How to Beat the Holiday Blues

Christmas-holidays-in-mexicoHow to Beat the Holiday Blues

For more people than the Hallmark Card industry likes to acknowledge, Christmas day and Valentine’s day have one thing in common: An increased feeling of loneliness arising immediately afterwards.

The industry starts revving up for Christmas in early October. The promise is that happiness will prevail for all as we exchange presents and, with plenty of food and drink on hand, enjoy festive togetherness in a pleasant and supportive atmosphere.

But more often than we like to admit, when it’s all over we are left feeling more alone and disconnected than before. For those without any family with whom to connect, the feeling of loneliness is amplified many times over.

(By the way, before you write to tell me I am being non-inclusive, I have no experience of holidays other than Christmas, so I am restricting my comments to that which I know.)

While it is popularly held that that the suicide rate goes up immediately after Christmas, the truth is otherwise. Nevertheless, the very fact that the myth prevails is an indication of how Christmas is perceived as being both stressful and, for some, a somewhat depressing experience.

Valentine’s Day is nothing like as bad as Christmas in this respect. Nevertheless, if you are a person who has little or no genuine love coming your way, or have no expectation of there being any romance in your life, then Valentine’s day is just another reminder of how alone and unloved you feel. The Valentine’s Day card given you out of a sense of obligation only makes it worse, even if it comes with a dozen roses. You know if it’s real or not.

That said, though, why not look at Valentine’s day as a wake-up call. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, how about going inside and asking yourself why you don’t have the love in your life that you want? Is it that you don’t love yourself and that this is being reflected?  It’s hard for people to love you if you don’t love yourself.

What if you are in a relationship that has gone flat and needed a turbo-charge or a makeover? What can you do? Well, the first thing is to make a realistic assessment of your relationship as it is now. If it’s worth saving, put some energy into making something happen to make it better. If not, then find the best way to leave and move on. If there is still some life remaining in the relationship, then re-negotiate the terms of it and make it new. I will be teaching people how to do all of this on the Valentines Day Cruise. (As well as giving a seminar I will be offering private sessions.)

If you don’t have a partner and feel the desire to have one, put some energy into manifesting the perfect partner. If your last relationship failed and you are alone, analyze why it didn’t work and then make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again next time. (I have a list of common mistakes I can share with you.)

Make sure you do the forgiveness work and clear out the old energy before you set about creating a new one. Otherwise, you will take it with you into the new relationship. Before you even start the manifestation process, define your boundaries, establish your values and be clear about who you are, what you want and, just as important, what you don’t want. This is also a topic for the Valentine’s Day Cruise.

This coming Christmas JoAnn and I will do what we normally do. As a way of expressing my love for JoAnn and to celebrate our 24 year relationship, I will create the most delicious roast dinner for her and myself, along with all the trimmings and a nice glass of wine. Then we will go to the movies. We will not be alone. There will be plenty of others there doing the same, but for reasons known only to themselves. I hope it’s not because they are lonely.

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Blowing Your Own Horn Isn’t Easy

blow-your-own-hornBlowing Your Own Horn Isn’t Easy

Growing up, I was always taught to be modest and not to be seen blowing my own trumpet. (That’s the English version, but it’s the same. It’s a horn.) To this day I find it difficult to write sales copy for my own products and I’m even more reticent about promoting myself on video.

That’s why I was so happy and relieved to watch and listen to Kym Kennedy doing a fantastic job during an extended interview on TV, explaining and extolling the value of Radical Forgiveness to her host. It was terrific.

Kym is one of our senior Radical Forgiveness Coaches and I can’t tell you how proud I am of her, not to mention how grateful I am for her tooting the horn about Radical Forgiveness.

As you have probably found out when trying to explain, even to friends and family, the concept of Radical Forgiveness and how it works, it is very difficult. It cannot be done in just a few seconds, nor even in a few minutes. You need some time to allow people to adjust their mental framework about reality before you even begin to break through their resistance to a concept which is, to the mind anyway, little short of crazy.

Watch Kym do it eloquently and smoothly. I know you will enjoy it. And if you have some skepticism or some gaps in your understanding about Radical Forgiveness, she will fill it in for you. Enjoy.

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What’s In A Name? or Tipping Prohibited

no tippingWhat’s In A Name? or Tipping Prohibited

I met a guy once whose name was Christmas Day. I kid you not. You have to wonder what kind of consciousness Ma and Pop Day had to name their baby that. They must have thought it was a good idea at the time, though.

Feel free to post other good examples you know of where parents have ensured a life of endless embarrassment for their kids.

Names are important, though. They connect you with something. In the case of poor old Christmas, it chained him forever to a date: the 25th of December. Surnames such as Smith, Taylor, Ferrier, Carter and countless others are linked to a trade or profession. Add ‘son’ on the end of a name and that defines the relationship between a son and father. Smithson, Johnson, Bateson, etc.

(Women don’t get the same kind of acknowledgment. Who every heard of someone called Mr. Smithdaughter?)

Sadly, I could never find much to link my name to. The first time I saw my name used in public was a sign by the side of the road that said very emphatically, “Tipping Prohibited.” I immediately felt a pang of rejection by that and the feeling was reinforced every time I drove by it, which was every day, that being my route to work. Maybe that was the origin of my core-negative belief that no-one loves me. (Just kidding.)

Only later in life did Malcolm Gladwell give me the opportunity to feel that my name might have a more positive meaning. That was when he coined the term, “the Tipping Point.” This has become part of the lexicon now and people who like to appear smart use it all the time. (A bit like the “boots-on-the-ground phrase you hear politicans use over and over rather than just say troops.)

The Tipping Point seemed to indicate a moment of great importance, so it did a lot for my self-esteem. It also connoted some kind of transformation like the shift you get with Radical Forgiveness. So, I took the hint and coined the term The Tipping Method, to describe the way we deliver Radical Forgiveness.

This name has stuck in some countries. In Germany, for instance, Radical Forgiveness is known as The Tipping Methode, and the trained Radical Forgiveness coaches are known as “Tipping Coaches.”

Since 1998, the name of my flagship workshop, the one that dissolves just about any emotional problem people are likely to have, is The Miracles Workshop. While it obviously hints of the possibility you might get a miracle, there is no mention of either the Tipping Method or Radical Forgiveness in that name. It could be some kind of magic show or something.

The name did have some merit in that it originally made a connection with the book, which at the time was entitled, Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle. So, for the people who read the book, the workshop having the name The Miracles Workshop had some meaning.

But then, in 2009, Sounds True bought the rights and became the publisher and, much to my disappointment, kept the main title as Radical Forgiveness, but changed the subtitle to: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, and Find Peace in Any Situation.

True, it says a lot about Radical Forgiveness but it’s hard to remember and there is no mention of a miracle. (By the way, the ‘miracle’ is the shift in perception where you get to see the perfection in what happened.)

So, now that there is no longer any connection to anything, I am flirting with the idea of changing the name of the workshop. Instead of the Miracles workshop, I am thinking of calling it Breaking Free With Radical Forgiveness. The sub-title will be – A Workshop That Gives You a Direct Pathway to Freedom, Peace and Happiness.

What do you think? It has the merit of having Radical Forgiveness in it, which is our brand, and ‘Breaking Free’ speaks to people who feel stuck and want to be free of all their emotional baggage so they can live their life to the full again. It addresses their real problem and offers a solution.

How do you feel about this change? Are you in favor of a change or would you advise sticking to the old title? I am nervous about making the change and would welcome your thoughts.

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Gliding on Angels Wings

Ready for Takeoff Coming in to Land Preflight BriefingGliding on Angel’s Wings

As those of you who follow me on Facebook know, I took a flight in a glider on my 73rd birthday on September 30th. It was my first flight in one. It was a wonderful experience. No engine of course, just riding on air.

Looking back on it, it was an exercise in trust. You have to have confidence that once you have been catapulted into the air to around 1,000 feet above the ground by a cable pulled by a winch that you will be supported once the cable is released.

If you can find a thermal, a vortex of warm air rising from the ground, you can stay aloft for a long time, in some cases hours, reaching heights up to 10,000 feet. This time of year, there are hardly any thermals so I was up there for only 11 minutes. But it was enough to get the thrill of riding on air with no power.

It was so quiet up there. There were no sounds. I could talk easily and freely to my instructor sitting behind me. We saw some buzzards circling which meant they had found a bit of a thermal so we headed in their direction. I think they just laughed at us. Humans are trying to mimic us! Who do they think they are? They stayed aloft for a long time after gravity dictated we return to terra firma.

For me it was a metaphor for trust: If you have enough confidence in the Universe to hold you up, even if there is no visible means of support, you can sail on through life in perfect safety and profound peace.

That said, I did have a parachute on, just in case. Does that ruin the metaphor? I don’t think so. You can trust the Universe all right, but the physical world can be a little unpredictable at times. Besides, if I’d had to bail out and use the parachute it would have been what my Higher Self wanted. So, it would have been perfect, right?

To be honest, though, I don’t think I would have the presence of mind nor the strength in my legs to clamber out, and at 1,000 ft or less, I doubt I would have made it in time. Not to worry though. It is one of the safest sports out there.

Living as we do in both worlds, we need to be conscious of what the physical world can throw at us as well as trust that the Universe will take care of us as and when called to do so, should we experience difficult conditions.

In this connection, I’m reminded of a book called How to Win by Quitting written by a friend of mine whose name is Jerry Stocking. His thesis is that the way to do it is to quit before you know what you are going to do next. If you do it that way, the Universe will conspire to bring you what you could never have planned on your own.

That’s not so much like flying a glider, more like taking a bungee jump, something I have no intention of doing. I’m terrified of heights. But I am toying with the idea of jumping out of an airplane on my 80th. Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, trust the Universe to take care of the details of your life and sail on through on the wings of angels.

I’m still in the UK, so won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving here, but I hope you have a great one.

Love and Blessings,


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Don’t You Love ‘em? Your Parents, I Mean!

ParentsDon’t You Love ‘em? Your Parents, I Mean!

To forgive people using the Tipping Method (Radical Forgiveness) is actually to come to a place of appreciation for who they really are. It is coming to see them as the divine beings they always were, no matter how they showed up in the human world.

The holiday season is the time of year when you have the best opportunity to appreciate your parents, who are, if they are still alive, not getting any younger, any more than you are!

Soon the roles begin to reverse. You will start acting like the parent and begin treating them like the children. (The older they get, the more irritating they can be. Ask my kids!)

The first step in appreciating someone is to let go of all the judgments you harbor about them, both now and in the past. Can’t remember them? Don’t worry. If you are getting together with your parents over the holiday, they will soon come flooding back. If they are no longer with you, holidays can bring up the memories.

The next step is to let go of any need or expectation that they are any different from the way they are. Accept them the way they are, or were if they are no longer with us. (By the way, all that we are saying here applies just as much if your parents are dead. You are doing this for yourself, remember?)

We do, of course, have a worksheet for this. (Surprise, surprise!) It’s called the Radical Acceptance Worksheet. It’s downloadable from our website in the Free Stuff section of Colin’s Cafe at no charge, so go ahead and get one. Just click the Colin’s Cafe link on the top menu and make a few copies for use over the holidays. It will help you first recognize your judgments and expectations and then release them. I bet you will need one for each parent.

Like I said in the beginning, forgiveness is the same as appreciation of who people really are, not as they seem to be. So I would recommend that you look to see what your parents might have done in the past, or are doing now, that you still feel yucky about.

Then, in addition to doing the Acceptance Worksheet, forgive your Mother, Father or both using the Radical Forgiveness Process. As I have said before, this will make your family reunion a great deal more enjoyable.

If your parents are a bit grumpy this time of year, you might ask yourself why. Probably for the same reasons you get grumpy this time of year! Maybe they feel the expectations on them are too great, or maybe they are feeling that, although they really WANT to keep all the traditions the same, they aren’t physically able to do everything they feel is required.

Returning to last week’s topic of gift giving, how about you give them a break and offer to host a holiday dinner yourself? Or maybe gather the family to pitch in a little more, or even hire some help (like a house cleaner for the season, or better yet, a year). That might do a lot to lower the stress level. Any way you can show you appreciate them. That’s what they want most.

Love and Blessings,


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Do you attach strings to the gifts you give?

bad giftDo you attach strings to the gifts you give?

“Oh, how nice – just what I wanted. Thank you so much.” [Oh heck! How awful! What am I going to do with this thing now? It will have to be on display when she comes round or she’ll be hurt and annoyed.]

Have you ever been in this position? It can be very embarrassing, not to mention exasperating. It’s not fun to pretend you like it when really you can’t wait to dump it in the garbage or re-gift it to someone.

Getting the right gift for someone is also a difficult and stressful experience. I never know what to give JoAnn. And she’s no help. “I have all I need,” she says when I ask her what she wants for Christmas. (Last year she got a gift certificate for a spa day. She enjoyed it.)

But what is a gift? When is a gift not really a gift? There are three criteria for it to be a true gift:

1. You really do want to give it.
2. You are pretty sure that the person wants what you have to give.
3. No strings attached!

Let’s look at each one of these.

1. A very high percentage of gifts given at any of the feast days that include the exchange of gifts are given, not out of a genuine desire to give, but out of obligation. It is expected.

To the extent that you wouldn’t give the person a gift if you didn’t have to, then this criteria of a genuine gift is not met. It is a fraud. A cynical yearly ritual that, truth be told, most of us despise deep down.

2. Trying to meet the second criteria, usually, means hours walking around the mall or scouring the internet looking for the perfect gifts. This is extremely difficult and exhausting (except for those who just love to shop no matter what.) It is all the more galling when you have found something for some distant relatives you hardly know or like who just happen to be coming for the festivities.

3. The third criteria is emotionally the most difficult of all. Giving up your attachment to what the person does with it after you have given it is the one most people cannot achieve.   And yet it is perhaps the most important.

Let me ask you this. If you come bearing a gift for me that you really want to give me (Criteria #1), and you feel sure I will appreciate it (Criteria #2), would you be angry and hurt to learn that I had given it on to someone else who I felt would appreciate it more than me?

If so, it is not a true gift. You failed on Criteria #3. You set me up to feel obliged to keep what I really did not want, and you set yourself up for disappointment.

There is a parallel here with Radical Forgiveness. If you forgive someone and expect them to applaud you for your spiritual largesse, apologize for the harm they did, or even change their behavior towards you as a consequence, that is not forgiveness. Too many damn strings.

Just like a gift, having strings attached nullifies the whole thing. Forgiveness done with the expectation of something coming back is simply an attempt to manipulate the other person. It is not forgiveness.

Item number 5 on the Radical Forgiveness worksheet says this, “My discomfort was my signal that I was withholding love from my myself and _______ by judging, holding expectations, wanting ______ to change and seeing _______ as less than perfect.”

Do you judge your partner and expect he/she will change to fit your idea of how he or she should show up?

Somehow those expectations come into sharper relief during the period leading up to and during the holiday season. So, what kind of gift will you give your partner this year, if anything? Do you have any idea what he or she wants? Will you be able to satisfy those three criteria?

I can’t help you with that of course. Sorry. But I can suggest another gift you might give that he or she will know nothing about (unless he/she notices a big difference in you and asks what you have done). It will not only meet all three criteria, it will also do wonders for your relationship.

Think back and list all the things your partner has done that have pissed you off in some way. Issues around sex or money perhaps. Being let down or lied to maybe. Or, anything that continues to linger in your mind and still comes between you from time to time.

Choose the one to which you have the most energy attached. Then do one of the Radical Forgiveness processes. The 21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Partner would be ideal or one of the downloadable worksheets in the Free Stuff section of Colin’s Cafe. Then see what happens.

Primarily, of course, this would be a gift to yourself, but there’s no better way to say to your partner, “I love you, and I see the light in you. I know that what you did, you did not TO me but FOR me. Thank you. I demand nothing of you that you do not want to give. I bestow on you nothing you do not wish to receive. My love has no strings attached.”

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The Joy (and Pain) of the Family Reunion

large familyCan the Pain of the Family Reunion be Turned to Joy?

It’s Fall already. November is upon us. The leaves are turning all sorts of gorgeous colors as they and much of the natural world begins to turn inward and close down, ready for the winter months. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same?

But that’s not how it works. For us, November portends the exact opposite. A month and a half of frantic preparation for what we laughingly call a season of joy and good will.

The pretense is maintained by such things as the obligatory exchange of gifts nobody really wants or needs, the sending of cards to people we feel we should try to stay in touch with, the feasting, the booze and worst of all – the family re-unions.

Ah… Yes: the family reunions? Even without a special time set aside for this, aren’t we supposed to enjoy getting together with our parents, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren? Doesn’t the family connote oneness, togetherness and deep emotional ties?

Actually, no. It’s the opposite in fact. The family is the perfect institution within which to experience what we came into this life to have – the experience and the pain of separation.

Who better than our parents, grandparents and siblings to set us up for this? They give us many such opportunities to feel separation during the most formative period of our lives, which we then go on and leverage in adulthood.

It is a perfect arrangement – and I mean perfect in the spiritual sense. It is a soul agreement based on Love. We’ve probably done it many times before, as a soul group, with each of us playing different roles for each other.

Family reunions are nothing more than our choosing to get a booster shot of all the old recipes for the pain of separation.

However, if you still believe you are the victim of that separation rather than the grateful recipient of what you came in to experience, it will continue to hurt. On the other hand if you reframe it in this way, you will have the experience of joy and good will.

So, my advice is to keep this in mind as you get together with family during the feast days of each holiday. Instead of getting upset and angry about the things that are said, not said, or implied; behavior that reminds you of the pain of separation you endured during the early years; and more, just remember the purpose of it all and shift into gratitude.

In preparation for this season, do the forgiveness work before you go. Browse through this site and pick the tools that will work best for your situation. Radical Forgiveness is all about shifting your perception in the direction of realizing that the people who appear to be the most trying are the very ones who are giving you exactly what you wanted.

The moment you are able to see this and feel a sense of gratitude arising in you, the judgment and irritation associated with the judgment will evaporate. The offending behavior in the other person will stop, too, since the reason for it being there will have disappeared.

Choose peace and joy and see the perfection.


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Kids causing you grief?

forgive stoneKids causing you grief?

In the last blog, I mentioned that we often have a need to forgive our own kids. I would like to say more about this.

When we decide to have children, we expect it to be a joyous experience. But there are times when it is anything but. Our kids can cause us pain and anguish right from the babyhood stage all the way through to late adulthood.

As with all our relationships, it is often necessary to apply Radical Forgiveness to our children, no matter the age or stage.

It may seem odd, or even non-parent-like, to think about the ways in which we need to forgive our kids… it feels somehow like a betrayal. But, when we acknowledge the ways in which our children have hurt us, and realize how our children are our healing angels for those hurts to be healed, it can make a phenomenal difference in your relationship with your children.

We expect the teenage years to be trying, and they often are. It is part of their development task at this stage to be rebellious, difficult and independent minded, but that doesn’t mean we should not do Radical Forgiveness on them when the situation demands it.

Remember, we do the forgiveness for ourselves, not for them. But in the process of doing a Radical Forgiveness worksheet or the 21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Kids, you may discover that he or she was teaching you something about yourself. Kids are great for reflecting your own shadow stuff. That realization alone can change everything.

If your child seems ungrateful, ask yourself if you are also at times ungrateful for what you have or for the people who do things for you. Then love yourself for being ungrateful. Your child will pick up on your willingness to love yourself for that and will likely stop being ungrateful because the lesson is learned.

Do your kids refuse to “do what you think is best?” How controlling were your parents? Have you forgiven them yet? Do the forgiveness work on your parents and see what a difference it makes in how your kids relate to you and how you respond to them.

But sometimes the pain of the teen years pale into insignificance compared to the suffering that many adult children inflict on their parents. This can take the form of rejection, abandonment, abuse, control, preventing contact with grandchildren and so on. The older the parent gets, the worse it can become, as the roles reverse and the child becomes the parent and the parent becomes the child.

When and if you see signs of toxicity entering into your relationship with a child who is now an adult, you need to recognize this might be a very important healing opportunity for you.

Do some worksheets immediately available for free in Colin’s Cafe. Or if you’re relationship is seriously toxic, do the 21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Kids as soon as possible. It will open up the energy between you in a way that is little short of magical. You will be amazed at what might happen.

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Who’s on your Radical Forgiveness bucket list?

bucket-list-picWho’s on your Radical Forgiveness bucket list?

Lack of forgiveness is known to be very bad for your health. It is not so well acknowledged that it is also very bad for your death.

I don’t wish to be morbid, but this is worth considering, no matter how far away death might seem to you. After all, anyone with any sense makes a will, so why not a bucket list of those you need to forgive before you die?

Think about it.

Not only will death come more peacefully when you have forgiven everyone in your life before you die, but if you make the transition while still holding anger and resentment, you will take it with you.You will not be free of it. You will have to deal with it on the other side, and there’s no guarantee it will be any easier.

Not only will you be burdened by the crappy energy you take with you, so will the person you haven’t forgiven, assuming it mattered to them. Any amends they might have made while you were alive are now impossible. It becomes unfinished business, and that makes it even more toxic that it was before.

So, if you want your death to be as easy and pain-free as possible, why not start the Radical Forgiveness process now and get all that toxic energy out of your body while you can? It doesn’t matter how old you are. Do it while you still have breath in your body and the mental capacity to remember who it is you need to forgive and why.

Note: There are still a couple of spots left in our upcoming Miracles workshop in January but you will have to be quick because it is limited to just 12 people. This is our most intensive Radical Forgiveness workshop, so give it some thought. Click here for more information or to make your reservations now.

There’s much to be gained by doing all the forgiveness work you can on those who are still alive, as well as on those who are already dead. Not to mention that it is good for your health and may prevent cancer from arising in your body.

One place to start would be with your parents. I doubt whether there is a person on the planet that does not have some reason to forgive their parents, and this is no less true if they are already dead. After all, the parent/child relationship is characterized by conflict and that conflict continues to shape us long after we’ve left our parents’ house.

“Breaking Free” – 21 Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Parents

Remember, we chose our parents to give us our first and most intense experience of separation. If they are dead, do a worksheet on them. If they are still alive, do a worksheet on them. Clear as much remaining negative energy as you can.

If you are a parent yourself, you may need to forgive your kids for some things as well, like their rebellion as teenagers, resistance to your rules, drug use, moving away and depriving you of access to your grandchildren, and so on. We don’t often talk about forgiving our own children, but in my experience the pain they can cause can be every bit as hurtful as the abuse children suffer from parents.

Great Expectations – 21 Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Kids

Then there are our siblings. There are often reasons to forgive them for how it was growing up with them, and for how things have turned out since.

It is not surprising, therefore, that as we move into the holiday season, we find ourselves becoming tense and anxious about being together. The holidays are great for reflecting all of our non-forgiveness for us… both those we’ve not forgiven, and those who have not forgiven us. We also have floods of memories of those who have passed where some forgiveness is still required.

Family Matters – 21 Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Siblings

The key to making family re-unions like Thanksgiving enjoyable as well as healing, is to do all the forgiveness work you can before you go. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Don’t leave it to yet another holiday season that you will find yourself simply enduring, rather than enjoying, because of all the toxicity that still needs to be healed.

And, if you really want to heal a wound or come to peace about something that still hurts, give yourself a great holiday present and consider joining me in January for the Miracles Workshop.



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Shift happens. Experience it today.

Register for Free Webinar

October 16, 2014
1:30 PM Eastern Time

Shift happens. Experience it today.

Shift Happens. You know that one. You also know that if you remove the “f” in shift that’s how it is most often experienced, at least at first.

The big shift that we are hoping to be just around the corner is likely to be no different, especially if all the prophecies about it turn out to be right on the money.

How we ride this shift and survive the process without descending into fear and hopelessness is the subject of today’s webinar. I hope you will join us.

Click here to register for the Free Radical Transformation Worksheet webinar.

We humans have been evolving toward higher awareness for a long, long time, and yet we feel it in our bones that we are about to take this leap into a whole new reality.

I personally believe we’ve already entered into the process of making the shift. And, that all the turmoil in the world is evidence of how we are trying to collapse our current reality based on fear, separation, pain and suffering, into a reality based on Love, Harmony and Oneness.

We shall experience the birth of a wholly new way of living and being, but first the old way of living has to die. Already we are beginning to witness the death of the social order as we know it. On a global scale, it’s the equivalent of a healing crisis that everyone experiences before their own awakening.

In today’s free webinar, I will explain the Radical Transformation worksheet. This is a tool we use to keep our vibration high even when everything around us is breaking down, or when specific events occur out there that seem anything but perfect. It helps us to stay awake and enables us to move through any such experience with a knowingness that everything is in divine order, regardless of how it may appear.

Do join us today by clicking here to register for the free Radical Transformation Worksheet webinar.



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