Colin’s Hot Topics for Radical Living

by Colin Tipping

The more technology shrinks and connects our world, the more we are confronted with challenges that we have to deal with, almost on a daily basis. As I watch it all unfold, I will be inspired from time to time, to focus attention on and share with you how my Radical Living Strategies can help all of us meet our challenges with greater ease and compassion. My hope is that these offerings give you the insight you need to create the peaceful, fulfilling life you desire.

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Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease

disease preventionI mentioned in my last update about ‘what I don’t have’ in my colon, that my oncologist may ask me to be part of the hospital’s integrative program for healing cancer. Right after that I saw this and thought you might like it.

It appeared on the Christian Broadcasting News website. What it says, of course, is what we have been saying for years but, again, it is strong evidence that the medical profession is finally catching up.

“Unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease. According to Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, refusing to forgive makes people sick and keeps them that way.

With that in mind, forgiveness therapy is now being used to help treat diseases, such as cancer.

“It’s important to treat emotional wounds or disorders because they really can hinder someone’s reactions to the treatments, even someone’s willingness to pursue treatment,” Standiford explained.

Of all cancer patients, 61 percent have forgiveness issues. Of those, more than half are severe, according to research by Dr. Michael Barry, a pastor and the author of the book, The Forgiveness Project.

“Harboring these negative emotions, this anger and hatred, creates a state of chronic anxiety,” he said.

“Chronic anxiety very predictably produces excess adrenaline and cortisol, which deplete the production of natural killer cells, which is your body’s foot soldier in the fight against cancer,” he explained.

The fact is, of course, this applies to everyone, not just cancer patients. What happened last week in South Carolina was a testimony to that. It was demonstrated to the whole world what a little bit of forgiveness can do to heal a whole community.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I have to say again that doing a Radical Forgiveness worksheet on any issue causing stress will keep you clear of toxic negative energy. Also, I definitely recommend committing the 4-Steps to Radical Forgiveness to memory so you can run it through your mind the minute something crops up that upsets you. They are:

  1. Look what I created!
  2. I notice my feelings and my judgments but love myself anyway.
  3. I am willing to see the perfection in the situation.
  4. I choose peace.

It’s amazing how this can transform the situation immediately.

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Charleston – A Little Bit of Forgiveness Goes a Long Way

Dylann RoofCharleston – A Little Bit of Forgiveness Goes a Long Way

Right after the massacre in Charleston last week, the first TV clip I saw was the prosecutor ranting on about how she was going to make sure that boy would get the death sentence. Of course. It’s what people say after events like this.   

Very soon afterwards, however, came the clip of a family member of one of those who died, looking at the boy in the eyes and saying “I forgive you.”  

In that instant everything changed. The energy shifted. That someone was able to forgive became the great news story of the week, and it dominated the discussion on all the Sunday talk shows. It even trumped the gun issue. If you followed the story, and saw the effect that this single act had on those in the church, and those who watched it on TV, I don’t know how you could ever doubt the power of forgiveness to heal the world. 

How could anyone watch that and witness the love and spirit of oneness being expressed in that church and not feel a twang of shame for having had the usual knee-jerk reaction that demands harsh punishment, eye-for-an-eye justice and revenge, without it ever coming to mind that forgiveness is a better option?  

Everyone was humbled by that woman’s grace and compassion, but she was not the only voice for forgiveness.  There were many. I was particularly touched by words spoken by a woman who had lost someone in the massacre and was clearly deep in grief. Through her tears she said, “I know that there are a lot of people here who have been able to forgive him, but I’m not there yet. I’ll get there eventually, but I just can’t. Not yet.” 

However, she was WILLING to forgive, and that is all that matters. Spirit does the rest. She will get there, I have no doubt about that. Willingness is the key.

So what is the lesson for us here? First and foremost, we need to recognize that the boy’s action and thought processes that fed his hatred for black people was a mirror for us all. The issue of the deep-seated hatred of those of African-American descent by the white race has to be faced head-on.  And boy, didn’t this kid rub our noses in the dirt? He made us look at ourselves and confront our ugliness and challenge our denial.

This hatred, born out of our shame for having supported the evil crime of slavery for so long, exists deep in the shadow of all Americans. As well as those who, like me, have lived here long enough to be contaminated by it. Until we come to terms with it, talk it through, and eventually heal it, there will be many others who will poke us with another sharp stick to force us to wake the f_____ up, just like this kid did for us.

Secondly, we received a powerful demonstration of how one person forgiving can change the course of events, and perhaps even change history. This is why we have created a special worksheet for applying Radical Forgiveness to world events like this one.  It’s called the Radical Transformation worksheet.  

Click here to download one now and join with the lady who forgave Dylann Roof by adding your vibration to that or any other cause ‘out there,’ you feel strongly about.  I believe that Radical Forgiveness is the only way we are going to heal the racial divide, and this incident may well have provided an impetus for us to jump start it.  Let’s do it.

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My Ass is No Longer on the Line

Ass_On_The_LineMy Ass is No Longer on the Line

I had a meeting with the surgeon Tuesday, the 2nd. Things look pretty good. As you know if you read my last e-mail, the big worry was that the tumor was too near the anal sphincter muscle. It was, therefore, likely they would have to take that away and give me a colostomy bag. No thank you!

Well, they measured it and felt confident that they can do it without having to do the colostomy. My colonoscopy report said it was 5cm away. However, Tuesday it became clear that it was a good 8.5 cm away, which he says gives him plenty of space to cut and splice without threatening that valuable part of my anatomy. So that is a big relief. And, they are absolutely certain that the cancer is curable.  

However, the question in my mind now, was that just an error in measurement at the beginning? Or, did you guys cause the tumor to shift out of harm’s way through the combined energy force of your healing thoughts and loving energy? I believe it was the latter. It is so absolutely possible. We know that. So, please do keep up the good work.

I am having an MRI on Friday, and that will give us the stage. If it is a Stage1, then they will simply do the surgery. If it is a 2 or 3, then they will have to do some chemo and radiation beforehand to shrink it down.  

Given the time it takes to go through all of that, we are looking at a year from beginning to end. If it’s a stage 1, then it would be over in 2 or 3 months. So keep the energy coming before Friday if you can, and know that it is a Stage 1 or not even there at all. Bless you.

I had an extremely powerful healing session today with my friend and most trusted expert healer, George Poirier, one of the guys in my men’s group featured in our Wounded Healers book. As many of you know, because I asked for energy to be sent at this precise time, we commenced the process at exactly 12:20 Eastern time. That was the moment at which the moon was at its fullest. If you knew my astrological chart, you would understand why this was the best possible time to do it. There were many ways in which this timing was so right. 

Thank you to all those (over 100 of you) who e-mailed me back to say they would. I am sure there were many others of you who did it too, even though you did not email me to say you would. Thank you, too.

I was on the table for an hour and 15 mins, doing Satori breathwork and having George and JoAnn giving me the energy, pushing important meridian points, doing polarity therapy and cranial-sacral work on me. It was quite a journey. 

I have never experienced a breathwork session like this in all the years I have been doing it. My whole body was vibrating with the energy coming into me from all of you and all those angels and spirit guides who were there too. I’m thinking it is highly possible that with all that energy coming to me at least shrank the tumor from a 2 to a 1. We’ll see when we get the results of the MRI most likely on Monday.

It’s not my intention to keep going on and on about this, boring you with all the details. However, since so many of you have sent loving messages, I do feel it is important that I give you information at least up to the date when the way forward is clear. That will probably be next Tuesday. Then I’ll shut up about it.



P.S. As I had stated in my first post about this, I would ask that you not inundate me with all sorts of suggested healing strategies, recipes, diets, regimens, stories of miraculous cures, and so on.

There are so many things out there that I am sure are very good, but the choice is overwhelming. In any case, I have my own ideas of what to do, and I trust Spirit to lead me in the right direction. I am perfectly taken care of in that area, so I hope you will honor my request.

If you would like to send me light and love, you can by clicking this link to the comments section of this blog. It is not possible for me to answer everyone, but please know that I read them all.

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My Ass is on the Line

Colins butt with beveled heartsMy Ass is on the Line

Guess what? I have colon cancer. Isn’t that ironic? After all I have said about using Radical Forgiveness to prevent cancer, I go and get it. BUMMER! (Joke #2. The first one was the title itself.) Humor heals, right?

Actually, I am quite fond of irony and am always on the lookout for it. It was the first thing that came to mind as soon as they told me. How ironic that I, Mr. Radical Forgiveness, the guy who created the technology on the basis that it would help people prevent cancer, should manifest it. Ha!

Lest I should begin to beat myself up for not doing as many worksheets as I should have, I drew comfort from the fact that apparently Muktananda died of cancer – and they don’t come more enlightened than him.

For all that he was an enlightened being, having transcended his body, he was still a human being subject to its frailty.

Not that I am comparing myself to the likes of Muktananda of course, and I don’t intend to die – not yet, anyway. It’s just that I thought there was a similar irony in both our situations.

OK, so here are the details: The cancer is just inside my rectum. Only a small part of the mass in there is malignant, but it looks as though surgery is definitely necessary to remove the mass.

The problem is, however, that it’s very close to my anus and there’s a chance that unless we can shrink it down to a smaller size, it might occur that no one could ever again call me an asshole, because I wouldn’t have one. (Joke #3.)

Now, notice that I said, “WE.” I used that term on purpose because you and a few thousand other folks have the power to literally save my ass. (Joke #4.)

Consider my good fortune. Where most people with this kind of problem can amass only a small number of people to help them heal, I have many thousands of healing angels to call upon.

This blog is going out to all 27,000 people on our Radical Forgiveness list. Among you are many professional healers, energy workers, Reiki practitioners, and many others who are connected to Source and can call upon that healing energy on my behalf. (Remember it’s OK to do this so long as I ask you to do it.)

Here’s what I am asking of everyone who feels led to do so. Take time out to visualize the tumor inside my rectum. Send it love. Give thanks on my behalf for the gift I have already accepted it to be. See it as perfect. Then visualize it gradually shrinking over time to such dimension as it can easily be detached from my colon with ease and with no risk whatsoever to the surrounding area, i.e. my sphincter muscle.

For those of you who are not squeamish, I have posted a picture of the tumor below, so you can more easily visualize it and converse with it. But, please send ONLY love to it. No hate or fear, please. It is not my enemy. It is giving me a loving message.

JoAnn and I have never forgotten how you collectively healed our cat, ‘Smokey Crystal.’ She was really sick, and we were sure that she was a goner. However, within a few days of our request to everyone to send her healing energy she pulled round and has been fine ever since. You all did that.

Now, here’s another request that many of you might find difficult to honor. I would ask that you not inundate me with all sorts of suggested healing strategies, recipes, diets, regimens, stories of miraculous cures, and so on.

There are so many things out there that I am sure are very good, but the choice is overwhelming. In any case, I have my own ideas of what to do, and I trust Spirit to lead me in the right direction. I am perfectly taken care of in that area, so I hope you will honor my request.

Just send me light and love. While you are listening to the 13 Steps, as you always do before you go to sleep, visualize my ass as a Smiley, with everything present and correct. I have also put a ‘moonie’ photo of my backside above to make it easy for you. (Is this Joke #5? It’s the last one. I promise.)

If you should feel like sending me a comment below, I would love that. But, please allow me to read it and feel the sentiment you express in it (e.g., “No more bullshit, please!” Oops! There’s another one!) without feeling that I have to reply. (Note: This only applies if I get more than 10. Up to ten I can handle.)

Here’s another irony. People have always wanted me to have a big story. Something that got me inspired to create Radical Forgiveness. I always said, “No. I didn’t have a story.” I had a good childhood and beyond having a couple of divorces, I’ve been blessed – relatively speaking, that is, compared to some of the stories I hear many people share at the workshops.

Well, maybe I’m doing it arse-about-face. (OMG, there’s another one!) In England it means doing it back to front. Maybe by the time I get through this, with your help, I may have gotten my big story, and yet another book written, entitled. “How Love Healed Me Without Me Doing Anything Other Than Being Willing to Receive It.”

Anyway, stay tuned. I will keep you all in touch. I will know a lot more next week after I’ve seen a man in a white coat.

Love Colin  

P.S. OK yuz guys, let it rip with the energy. Zap me in the morning, Zap me in the evening and zap me whenever you think of it. I want that tumor shrunk to virtually nothing within a couple of weeks so it can come out easily. You might even make it disappear once and for all. But save some loving energy for JoAnn. She could do with some too.

Colin's tumor


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What Exactly Is Radical Living Coaching?

What Exactly Is Radical Living Coaching?

Let me begin to answer this question by saying what it is not. At first blush, you would think that it is a fancy name for just another form of life coaching.

You would be wrong. A Radical Living coach approaches the process with a mindset that sets it apart from any other form of coaching. Let me explain.

Even though a good life coach is all about helping people grow and expand, their training is mostly still grounded in the standard medical model that everyone is familiar with and accepts as perfectly normal. It begins with these questions in mind:

1. What is the nature of the person’s problem?
2. What is causing the problem?
3. How can we fix the problem?

A Radical Living Coach begins with a quite different set of questions in mind. These are:

1. What is perfect about what is occurring for this person?
2. How is the perfection revealing itself?
3. How can I get the person to see the perfection in the situation?

You will no doubt recognize these as defining the Radical Forgiveness approach. This states that when we approach life from the point of view that there are no accidents, that everything happens for a reason, and the hand of God is always present in every situation, problems simply dissolve. People’s lives are transformed immediately.

Having the ability to apply this philosophy to virtually any situation in life is to live consciously and with awareness of both human reality and spiritual reality at the same time. That’s the definition of Radical Living. And that’s the goal of Radical Living Coaching.

Fortunately, the Radical Living coach has access to a large number of tools that help him or her achieve that goal. These come in the form of a range of simple worksheets, interactive online worksheets, online programs, audio tools, and more.

In the beginning, of course, the RL coach does what any good coach will do: listen to the person and ask questions, elicit information, etc.

But once the notion of Radical Living is broached and sufficiently understood, the coach’s primary task is then to show the client how to use the tools and, thereafter, to provide an appropriate level of support.

Once using the tools has become a habit for the client and a natural way of dealing the challenges of everyday life, the coaches work is done.

Click here to see a list of our certified coaches around the world.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Radical Living Coach.



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Radical Forgiveness Saves Businesses

Bicker BrothersRadical Forgiveness Saves Businesses

We are very familiar with the idea that families consist of complex energy fields. These large fields will contain the energies of the parents, grandparents, children, in-laws, aunts, uncles, and so on.

Depending on the ages and stages of development of each individual member of the family, its energy field will be very dynamic and constantly changing. As one person changes, the whole family field is changed.

It’s not easy to maintain a good energetic balance in a family. The bigger it gets the more it has to change and adapt.

What is not so well understood is that a business will also have its own overall energy field and will be composed of all the energy fields of each individual person engaged in the business, plus customers, vendors, inspectors, and so on. It, too, continually changes over time according to changing circumstances.

I have a special interest in those businesses that are family-run for they have a very special dynamic that can cause great difficulties. The problem they have is that the business energy field and the family field tend to become all mixed in together. That can spell big trouble, especially if the family is in any way dysfunctional. (Show me one that isn’t!)

Families and businesses are different energies that don’t always mix easily. The wider and deeper they become, the worse it is.

Husband and wife teams can work quite well, assuming the marriage itself is strong, but if it goes wide by including siblings, in-laws, and other relatives, you increase the likelihood of power struggles. This also applies if it goes deep by adding a generation or two.

The trick with a family-run business, then, is to keep the two fields as separate as possible, or at least to be aware of the difference between them.

As a consultant specializing in using Radical Forgiveness and the Tipping Method in business, my job, when I go into a family-run business, is first to create a diagram of the energy field of the business.

I map the energy flowing between people, whether it is negative or positive, and show which people have the most power in directing the energy at this time. I also want to see how those dynamics change when circumstances change, or how they are likely to change in the near as well as the distant future.

That gives me a picture of the energetic structure of the company and how the energy is flowing throughout. I am interested to see how the four main forms of energy are flowing – money, information, materials and human energy.

It is the last of these which is the most problematic. People are emotional beings and are unpredictable.

As members of the same family, they also carry a lot of emotional baggage. They hide their motives, their wounds and their grievances, but they act them out from time to time, usually to the detriment of the business.

After mapping the business energy field, I construct a diagram of the family energy field. It includes not only those running or working in the business, but also those with financial or other interests.

Again, I follow the energy and plot the dynamics that seem to be operating within the whole field. It often takes a lot of careful digging to find out what is really going on within the family. I have to build a lot of trust with everyone.

Once I have both fields mapped out, it becomes a matter of laying one over the other to see how they interact with each other. Where do the energies get mixed? Who stirs the pot and why? Where are power struggles likely to occur? And so on.

This process results in a complex 3-dimensional model, which I then attempt to disentangle. The goal is to get to a point where the two energy fields are as separate as they possibly can be.

It is often a long job, depending on the size of the company and how many family members are involved.

At that point, I decide where I need to direct my energies and what problems need to be solved. These are invariably rooted in the basic family dynamics, but problems can also become evident in how the business is structured.

And, as with any business energy field, there may be problems with people who are employees unconnected to the family.

Needless to say, Radical Forgiveness is the answer to most of the family problems which are creating all the other problems. Getting everyone on board with this methodology is the biggest challenge. It has to come from the top.

The owner or CEO has to want it and be willing to work it. It usually involves some training, but once people understand the Quantum Energy Management System, they have no difficulty working with it.

Once they see the results in their own lives and the difference it makes to the business in terms of efficiency, productivity, workplace harmony, and profitability, they go for it.

However, this is one area in which Radical Forgiveness cannot be done as a self-help exercise. Everyone is too closely involved and cannot see the forest for the trees.

If the business is going south because of the dysfunction, everyone is scared and in survival mode. For these reasons, it is nearly always necessary to have me work with the company to turn things around.

Note: For more on this topic refer to my book, 25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness: A Handbook for Solving the Problems and Challenges of Everyday Life in a New Way.

If you would like to schedule a time to talk with me about how I might help your business, please either write me by following this link, or call Shari at 972-202-9926. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment.

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Making Your Passion Your Business

Making Your Passion Your Business

There is a book that came out in 1998 called Do What You Love to Do and the Money Will Follow. The author was Marcia Scinitar and it made a big splash. It resonated with a lot of people.

Joseph Cambell made a similar statement in his now-famous series of interviews with Bill Moyers, advising everyone to “Follow your bliss.”

I do believe it is in our DNA to do something in our lives that is an expression of our passion for something that is meaningful to us. It’s in us to want to give something of value to the world before we die; to be of service somehow and to make a difference.

However, a lot of people took the above statements too literally and then, after failing to make hardly any money doing what they loved to do, became disillusioned. It was never quite as simple as it seemed, and a lot of people were very naive about it.

Nevertheless, there is kernels of truth in it insofar as when you set out to provide what people really want and value, and you have a passion for sharing it, then it all flows in together and the money does indeed follow. In many cases, lots of it.

I guess I was one of those naive ones. Nevertheless, I am willing to share my life story and tell how I came eventually, after 15 years of struggle after reading Marcia’s book, to create a business out of what was to become my passion.  

For me, it didn’t happen until I was in my fifties. I’ll tell you all about it in the webinar I am doing on May 19th at 1 PM EST.

I hope it will inspire you to at least find your passion and purpose, even if you don’t make a business out of it. It doesn’t have to be a business as such. It can just be a sort of a hobby – something you do to feed your soul.

I will also be sharing with you the training programs we offer people who want to make a difference in the world and how you can make $1000 (around £655) as a fee for helping to enroll someone in my live training program that I’m offering this year in England in September, and the US in January of 2016.

I’ll send you another e-mail specifically about that in the next day or two, so keep a lookout for it.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to do to secure your place on the webinar. Fill in your name and email address by clicking this link, and you’ll be ready to go.

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Passion Burns

passion burnsPassion Burns

I have a webinar coming up soon called, Making Your Passion Your Business. Sounds good, but what does it mean?

What is passion? Where does it come from? What drives it? And what if you don’t have passion? Does that mean you won’t be as successful as someone who has a lot of it?

If you ever watch the program ‘Shark Tank,’ you will often see people come on the program absolutely full of passion but blinded to the realities of what it really takes to create a business out of it.

It is demonstrated over and over again that too much passion can get in the way of clear thinking. Making it more important than it is can set you up for a horrible disappointment.

So what is passion? Here’s the Urban Dictionary definition:

“Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement; passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body, and soul into something as is possible.”

My webinar title presupposes that you already have a pre-existing passion for something that you wish to turn into a business. You may have one. But it’s not always the case.

It is much more likely to be the other way around. The passion may arise after you have created a business around something that you were initially mildly interested in or perhaps drawn to for some reason. (Hint: this is a clue.)

That’s the way it happened for me. I had no passion for forgiveness per se when I first started this business. I had no score to settle with anyone and had never had reason to try to forgive. But I did like helping people heal emotional wounds.

The passion came only later when I saw the dramatic effect it had on such people when I ‘accidentally’ upgraded it to what was later to become Radical Forgiveness.

That’s when I got excited. I had found something that healed people. Now that’s what I felt it was worth getting passionate about. Up to that point, I had little or no attachment to forgiveness, let alone passion. If it hadn’t worked, I would have dropped it immediately.

People who start with a fierce passion for something and put everything into it, including a lot of money in many cases, often don’t know when to stop pushing and instead just allow.

That’s the problem with the ‘pre-existing passion’ imperative. It tends to make people push and push very hard, trying to make it happen against all the odds. It makes them think it’s all about them, that they have the power to make it happen by sheer force of will.

They become driven by their passion with total disregard for and denial of the risk, possible adverse consequences, and the strong likelihood of failure. Obviously, some do make it but many don’t. Others are pushing so hard that they miss what is really calling them. They are too fixated on their passion.

The problem with this is far too much Yang. Just look back at the dictionary definition given above, and you’ll see that it’s dripping with male energy. Hardly a whiff of Yin anywhere!

If they would just back off, quieten down and bring more feminine yin energy to the situation, enough anyway to create a balance between equal yin and yang, success would more likely emerge. It is a quieter and gentler passion.

It attracts rather than pushes. It’s not so hot and fiery. It‘s about power, not force. I prefer to use the word love rather than passion. Love attracts. Passion burns – perhaps even destroys.

It may even come from a somewhat dark place, like a strong need to prove oneself as a way to get the approval one never got as a child from one’s father, for example. Or the need to prove to everyone around you, and more importantly to yourself, that you can make it, or that you are really OK.

Some people do indeed have a pre-existing passion or a strong calling early in life, but for most of us passion emerges slowly over time as a result of the fulfillment and satisfaction it brings once we start moving in a certain direction.

That’s how it worked for me. My fulfillment was in helping people heal. I loved doing it. That’s why Radical Forgiveness fell into my lap. It found me. My love of helping others attracted it to me. Spirit obliged.

Fortunately, those of us who love to help others are in a very good position to have a business in this field. Millions of people find themselves in pain at some time in their lives and are in desperate need of help. With the right tools and the right training, we can provide that help, and make money doing it.

That is, so long as we don’t get so passionate about it that we fail to learn exactly HOW to make our passion our business. Currently, I am working on a course that addresses that issue. It’s called Magnetic Marketing for Healers. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, don’t forget the webinar coming up on the 19th of May at 1:00 PM Eastern time. Click here to register. This was just to whet your appetite for it.

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Our trip to Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Sacred Valley

Colin & JoAnn in PeruWe got back to Atlanta early yesterday morning from Peru. Having completed the workshops we had embarked on a tour that took in Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Sacred Vally. It was amazing. Traveling with Muss and Ana, our two incredible Peruvian Radical Living Coaches, we had a blast.

At 7,000 feet, atop a seemingly unscaleable mountain, the Inca city of Machu Picchu is nothing short of spectacular. How they did it is beyond imagination. Still today, no-one knows how they so accurately shaped and placed the huge stones that form the walls of the buildings and terraces. (See pictures.)

They had no tools that would even touch the hard granite, let alone carve them into shape with such precision. They had not yet discovered the wheel so had no pulleys to help lift the stones that each weighed many tons. It boggles the mind how they did it.

It reminded me of Stonehenge, of course, with it’s massive stones that still begs an explanation as to how they got there, too.

We were lucky in that most of the ‘tourists’ had left by the time we arrived, so it was not at all crowded. That’s very unusual since it has become not a place just for back-packers and spiritual seekers, but a must-see place for all, with a great train service to take you there. Hence large crowds.

We found a spot where we could meditate for a while. I have to say, for me, I did not connect with anything of a spiritual nature and was left wondering why the place was particularly meaningful as a sort of ‘mecca’ for spiritual people. What do they see and feel that I didn’t?

What I felt, as I tuned in, was the intense suffering of all those many thousands of slaves and minions who must have toiled endlessly and painfully to manifest this city in such an inhospitable and unforgiving environment and in so short a time. (The Incas only lasted for 150 years.) And for what, I had to ask?

Yes, Machu Picchu does qualify as the 9th wonder of the world in terms what was achieved, and I was certainly awe-struck by it. But I was not inspired by it. I was unable to make sense of it.

Maybe I missed the point but to my eyes today, it seemed like a huge waste of human energy and lives for no better reason than to please a king and to glorify some god. And that sounds all too familiar, don’t you think?

For all that, I am very glad to have seen it with my own eyes and experienced the incredible majesty of it. Cusco, which was the Inca capital, was also inspiring though, at 11,300 feet, breathing was a bit of a challenge.

Now it’s back to work.

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What’s in a Name

whatsinaname“ What’s in a Name?”

A few months ago we put out a survey to see whether or not we should change the name of the Miracles workshop or not. The reason we felt it might be necessary was that when Sounds True took over the publication of the Radical Forgiveness book, they changed the subtitle.

It used to be “Making Room for the Miracle.” Our Miracles workshop connected with that subtitle, so it had meaning. But they changed it to, “A Revolutionary 5-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame and Find Peace in Any Situation.”

This is, in fact, much more descriptive of the actual process and indeed the workshop itself, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. It’s not as memorable, either. But it does communicate what the person might expect to achieve either by reading the book or doing the workshop.

Anyway, we asked you all whether, having lost the connection with the original subtitle, we should change the name of the workshop. Well, we had lots of suggestions but nothing really decisive emerged.  

There was a clear split between those who had done the workshop and, having experienced a whole series of miracles in their lives since doing the workshop, very much wanted to keep the name the same, and those who felt it needed to change so people would instantly get what it was about.

Quite honestly, we are still in debate about it ourselves. We are, in fact, in the middle of a complicated process right now looking at what we need to update about our brand and positioning, so this question is one among many that we will be looking at. For now though, it stays as “The Miracles Workshop.”

Those of you that have your own business, will know that names count and that you have to keep adjusting things to make sure you are still communicating with the people you wish to be in touch with, in the right way. You will also realize that titles, banners, logos, and pictures matter a great deal.

So, that’s the process we are in at this time. Don’t be surprised, therefore, if you see some changes in our website in the near future, for example. Or, that I might be offering some new services and products. It is an exciting process.

Another thing that has changed over the last few years is how the word Radical has become much more ubiquitous, to the extent that it has started to become meaningless. Not that I am going to give up using it for Radical Forgiveness, since that is my brand and it remains strong, but I do have to be watchful that it does not simply get lumped in with all the other subjects to which the word radical is now being attached for no other reason that the word has become rather fashionable.

It’s interesting how we take a word that means something extraordinary and then use it repeatedly to describe what is ordinary and commonplace. Take the word awesome, for example. It used to mean that we would be awe-struck by something if we came across it. Now, today, even an ice cream is awesome.

The word Radical is heading in that direction now as well, so I want to make sure that Radical Forgiveness continues to be seen as extraordinary and radically different to anything else out there, with the possible exception of A Course in Miracles with which it has some similarity. That, too, is about forgiveness but not the kind we’ve all been conditioned to believe is little more than letting bygones be bygones.

It’s worth looking at the dictionary definition of the word radical. It gives two. First, it adds gravitas to the subject to which it refers in that it implies having got to the very root or essential core of that subject. Second, it also makes the subject, if not exactly revolutionary, certainly is cutting edge and very much out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, it has also become associated with extremist politics and even terrorism. This has caused some foreign publishers to avoid the word altogether. Nevertheless, I think I can still get away with using it to qualify a word like forgiveness, at least in the U.S. and UK. But I still need to keep my eye on it.

Brad Blanton wrote a book in the early 90s called Radical Honesty, and I am not ashamed to say I followed his lead and called my first book, Radical Forgiveness. But at that time the word radical still carried its true meaning and, with my book anyway, led people to ask themselves, in what sense is this form of forgiveness cutting edge or phenomenon in a way that is radically different to ordinary forgiveness. It was more than just a cute label. Same with Brad Blanton. His approach to being honest was truly radical too.

But that has changed. If you look in Amazon, you will even see now, two or three books with the title, Radical Forgiveness as well as other books with Radical in the title. That word is now over-used and degraded. Without the word Radical to qualify forgiveness, people will default back to how it was seen when the word radical was not attached to it. These changes could easily blunt my message and my brand.

That’s why it is important that I keep finding ways to explain just how different Radical Forgiveness is from traditional forgiveness and the extent to which when we embrace the worldview on which it rests, we are changed by it. I mean, fundamentally changed. Jolted out of our slumber, if you will. Awakened to a wholly new reality. When we embrace the underlying assumptions of Radical Forgiveness, we see everything through different eyes.

Neither is it just about healing some terrible trauma or grievance that occurred in the past and is therefore only applicable to a few people who need it. Radical Forgiveness can do that really well, of course, and do it very quickly, but it is so much more than this.

It is a way for anyone and everyone to deal with everyday problems and challenges as they occur so as to move through them with ease and grace. It is a way of living consciously and with awareness of how everything is connected and meaningful, so we don’t become trapped in fear and wallow forever in victim consciousness.

It’s about finding peace and happiness in our lives and being responsible for what happens instead of blaming everyone else or beating ourselves up for making mistakes or not being good enough.

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