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Shift happens. Experience it today.

Shift happens. Experience it today. Shift Happens. You know that one. You also know that if you remove the “f” in shift that’s how it is most often experienced, at least at first. The big shift that we are hoping … Continue reading

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Webinar Alert!

Webinar Alert! Today’s the day! If you haven’t already signed up for today’s Webinar about supercharging your ability to attract what you want through the use of the Radical Manifestation process and the worksheet, there is still time.   Register … Continue reading

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Living Radical Forgiveness

Spirituality without practical application is baloney.   The same is true for Radical Forgiveness. It’s a great idea, but unless you apply it, nothing changes. You can read all about it, but until you actually do a worksheet, you’ll never have … Continue reading

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We’re Taking a Holiday Break

Happy Holidays This will be my last message this year. You deserve a break and so do I. It’s been a very busy year, and I appreciate you hanging in there with me. If you have clicked through on the … Continue reading

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Transforming the Energy in Egypt

What is happening in Egypt right now, not to mention the violence going on in Syria, Iraq and Northern Ireland, to name just a few examples of religion-inspired violence is extremely distressing and brings up feelings of helplessness and despair … Continue reading

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Is it Radical to Forgive Ariel Castro?

Oh boy! Another huge Radical Forgiveness challenge this week. How on earth can we forgive Ariel Castro, the seemingly depraved, animalistic torturer, jailer, rapist and alleged murderer who kept three women and a child captive in his house for 10 … Continue reading

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I’ve Made it to the Big Screen

I am always irritated when people are late. Ronna Prince and Donald Backstrom were so late arriving for my July, 2010 workshop at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, I almost turned them away.  But something stopped me, and I let them … Continue reading

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The Nourished Soul

If you act quickly, I can save you up to $200 on the cost of attending what promises to be a fabulous 3-day, multi-speaker event happening in Atlanta April 12-14th, 2013. It’s called “The Nourished Soul,” and it’s for you … Continue reading

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