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What’s in a Name

“ What’s in a Name?” A few months ago we put out a survey to see whether or not we should change the name of the Miracles workshop or not. The reason we felt it might be necessary was that … Continue reading

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The 3 Forms of Intelligence

The 3 Forms of Intelligence IQ; EQ; SQ Which one of these three do you think is most important? Mental Intelligence; Emotional Intelligence, or Spiritual Intelligence? I’ll give you the answer at the end of this blog: I bet you … Continue reading

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Depression Part 2

Depression Part 2 Last week we looked at the idea that depression was some kind of a wake-up call from within, the message being, “Heal your pain or continue suffering.” I also claimed we have had a lot of success … Continue reading

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We Feel Their Grief

We Feel Their Grief If you read my last blog on transforming the energy of world events, you’ll recall that much of our reaction comes from the emotions the particular event brings up for us. I think the one emotion … Continue reading

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Depression – A Coping Mechanism

Depression – A Coping Mechanism In the wake of Robin Williams successful but tragic suicide, the topic of depression has once again come to the fore. Unfortunately, the coverage of the death of Lauren Bacall the very next day provided … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Not Feel Emotional Pain

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been writing about overcoming addiction, perfectionism, past trauma, and anger. I want to share this video, it has, in the past generated a lot of discussion, and I hope it will be a good … Continue reading

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Anger Is Good

Anger Is Good Anger scares people. Men especially are frightened of it because they fear they might lose control and hurt someone if they allow themselves to really feel it. David Hawkins, MD., Phd., the author of Power vs Force, … Continue reading

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Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma There are many ways in which you can become traumatized, especially in childhood. Trauma is caused by events that destroy your sense of security, your trust in everyone around you and even threaten your life. The more fear … Continue reading

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Overcome Your Addiction

Overcome Your Addiction The way out of an addiction is to first find out what pain is being medicated by the substance or experience of choice, and then to use the tools of Radical Forgiveness to release the pain. It … Continue reading

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Love Your Inner Slob

Love Your Inner Slob Perfectionism is not a virtue. It is a neurosis.   It is an obsessive need to be perfect and to do everything perfectly even if such rectitude is not required. Perfectionists do not look for perfection – … Continue reading

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