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Watch this video to hear Colin’s welcome to the café,
or if you prefer to read the script click here.

Drop in for a ‘cuppa tea with your neighbors’ at Colin’s Café
That’s where you’ll find me and a community of new friends who care, share and support your intent to

  • Live an ‘awakened’ life.
  • Develop mastery over all aspects of your life.
  • Make your problems dissolve as soon as they occur.
  • Help usher in a world of forgiveness.

chalkboard-menuColin’s Café Menu
When you reserve your table at Colin’s Café, you’ll be able to pop in for a monthly “cuppa” with the group and enjoy all these amenities, which will continue to grow!

  • The Reading Room, where you hear me read from my books—starting with the new one, Expanding Into Love—and get MP3s so you can listen whenever and wherever you want.
  • Three 8-day Online Courses that introduce you to the basic Radical Living strategies and tools, so you get extra guidance and support as you start out.
  • 24/7 access to all twenty Radical Living Online Tools (see the full list below), so you can use them to dissolve problems and issues as soon as they arise.
  • Access to the archives of all my articles, blogs and podcasts, so you can delve more deeply into the topics that interest you most.

Colin’s Cafe – $9.99 a month or
a one time charge of just $99


Interactive Worksheets
a one time charge of just $47

subscribe-buttonClick to reserve your seat!

About the Online Tools
tea-cup-porchIn Colin’s Café you all have exclusive access 24/7 to every one of the powerful tools listed below — tools that save you from getting a return ticket to Victimland, support you in maintaining a high vibration and growing more into Love.

1. Online Interactive Tools Available to Members
The Radical Forgiveness Online Interactive Worksheet Program + tutorial by Colin
The Radical Self-Forgiveness Online Interactive Worksheet Program + tutorial
The Radical Transformation Online Interactive Worksheet Program + tutorial
The Radical Manifestation Online Interactive Worksheet Program + tutorial
The Balancing Humenergy Online Interactive Worksheet Program (QEMS) + tutorial
Emerge-N-See 4 Step Process
Radical New Career Manifestation Program
Radical Wealth Retrieval Program
Relationship Assessment Questionnaire
Radical Reconciliation
Manifesting a New Relationship
A “Boundaries” Worksheet

Using the Worksheet Programs
As soon as you have an upset with someone of any kind, use the Radical Forgiveness tools to clear the energy immediately. If you get upset with yourself, use the Radical Self-Forgiveness tools to stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself right away. If you find yourself feeling bad about world events, use the Radical Transformation tools to stay grounded in yourself and to have a positive effect on the situation ‘out there.’ If you need to manifest something, use the Radical Manifestation tools to put the Law of Attraction into action to create what you want.

2. The Online Audio 13-Steps Processes Exclusive to Café Subscribers
The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness Process
The 13 Steps to Radical Self Forgiveness Process Audio
The 13 Steps to Radical Transformation Process Audio
The 13 Steps to Radical Awareness Process Audio
The 13 Steps to Creating Funding for a Project Audio
The 13 Steps to Radical Weight Loss Audio
The 13 Steps to Creating a Job Audio
The 13 Steps to Radical Empowerment Audio

Using the 13 Steps Technology
You use these for the purpose their titles imply, but in the case of those that are named the same as the online worksheet programs, you use them as follow-up processes and for minor upsets that hardly warrant spending an hour doing a worksheet on. These take only about 10 minutes to do and take very little effort.

Click to reserve your seat!

Online Interactive Worksheets available to those who subscribe to only the Interactive Worksheet section of the Cafe
The Radical Forgiveness Online Interactive Worksheet Program + tutorial by Colin
Emerge-N-See 4 Step Process
Relationship Assessment Questionnaire
Radical Reconciliation
The Radical Transformation Online Interactive Worksheet Program + tutorial
The Radical Manifestation Online Interactive Worksheet Program+ tutorial
The Radical Self-Forgiveness Online Interactive Worksheet Program + tutorial

Video Script

Hello and Welcome.  I’m Colin Tipping.   

I’ve just come back from the beautiful North Georgia Mountains doing a Miracles workshop at my favorite retreat Center, aptly called The Center for New Beginnings.  It turned out great and a lot of healing took place over the weekend.

Anyway, I wanna tell you that I’m delighted you’re thinking about becoming a member of our online community.  It tells me that you are very likely a person who is awake spiritually – or at least ready to awaken.  And, like a lot people at my workshop this weekend, you’ve doubtless had a lot of emotional challenges to deal with along the way too —  relationship issues, career problems, family feuds, and all sorts of dramas in which things like betrayal, abandonment, abuse, and disrespect showed up. And I bet at least one of them has become a repeating pattern in your life, right?

Pain and suffering:  It seems to be part of the deal, doesn’t it? Maybe so,  but now you’re looking for a new way to move ahead, leaving your victim stories behind and aiming to live on a higher vibration; happier and more liberated. 

Believe me, I’m rooting for you – wanting this to happen for you just as much as you do, and I think I’ve created a way for it to occur.  I’ll tell you when I get inside where it’s a bit warmer.

Ah. That’s better. It was chilly out there.  It is January after all.  Sunny today but still cold.

Anyway, In the summer of 2012, we put a survey out to a cadre of members in what we then called the Radical Living Association. What this gave them was access to the large bank of online tools that we’d developed over the years, that they could use regularly to maintain a high vibration. What we learned from the survey was that people who are serious about their growth want more live, interactive support and activity, in addition to all those wonderful tools. So, we’ve made the following changes:

First, we changed the name to the Radical Living Online Community.  It sounded better.  Second, we added a whole range of new monthly activities and events – the kinds of things people asked for. Third, well, I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but one thing we did want to create was a fun place for the community to meet.

As you know, I’m English and we Brits are obsessive compulsive about tea, when we drink it and how we drink it.  That being the case, I thought it would be fun to have the meeting happen in a number of virtual tea rooms. (OK relax. You can get coffee there too, if you wish – but humor me for now if you will.)  

So, we’re starting out right now with Colin’s Corner Café.  Now you’re gonna find that this a great place to get a pretty nice cuppa tea.  You’ll probably get it served in a mug — but it’s good tea, full bodied and strong.  We English take it with milk, and maybe some sugar, but that’s up to you.   

But, there’s a lot more than just tea on the Corner Cafe’s menu to get you coming back, time and time again. First of all, you’ll find in the café the full range of time tested tools that our existing members have had exclusive use of up to now. You’ll see all those listed below. 

So what’s new you might ask? What do you have on the menu that’s conversational, interactive and dynamic? Well, here’s where the excitement starts to build. First up, the Reading Room.  This where I take a section of one of my books, especially the latest one, Expanding into Love, and read a substantial part of it.  I’ll then invite you to ask questions or share a comment with me and your other friends in the tea shop via our online community discussion area.

Next up on the menu are our three Radical Living Courses, which are especially designed to introduce you to the basic Tipping Method tools for Radical Living.  We got very good feedback on these courses when they were run as free programs in 2012 as a test, but like the online tools, they’re now exclusive to the Colin’s Café menu.  

And last on the menu: the regular blog and podcasts.  Every one of these I write or have written in the past is archived and available for you to open and read any time you like.  I also place articles and links to blogs by other people too, ones that I think will be of interest to you.  

Now let me return to that third point I skipped over earlier… What we also learned from the survey was that people wanted a very diverse range of activities, interaction and support.  In response to that we’ll soon be opening an additional couple of Colin’s Cafe’s. Each one will a little classier and more intimate, offering progressively more in the way of interactive events.

The first of these will be Colin’s Regency Tea Room, which will include the complete menu from Colin’s Corner Café, plus more live discussion through events like webinars, audio Q&A sessions, a live PowerShift group and more.  After that will be Colin’s High Tea Emporium which includes the complete menu from Colin’s Regency Tea Room, plus deeper interactions like workshops and clinics.

So you can join me in the first of these three, Colin’s Corner Café, knowing that there’s plenty of growth and excitement ahead as we get done building, and putting the finishing touches on, these other two.

In order to make it easy for you to join me in in Colin’s Corner Café today, I’ve arranged for a reserved seat, just for you –  at a very low price.  How Low?  Well, let me show you. Here’s me at Starbucks, getting a cup of their Darjeeling tea. One of these babies every day will set you back about twice as much as the cost of month’s membership of Colin’s Corner Cafe.  If you take a Grande coffee, it would cost you almost four times as much.  So where’s the most value? Oh sure, a cuppa tea will give a you lift and make you feel good for a while,  but it won’t do much for your pain and suffering or solve your problems will it?

But taking tea with others of like mind, well that’s another matter, entirely. Coming into community with people who can relate to your struggle and are on a quest for a different way of living just as you are, makes it a far less lonely road. Aren’t you tired of doing it all alone. 

Community. That’s what Colin’ s Cafe offers you, and at $9.99 a month it’s a no brainer. The more people we have, like you, coming together in community, the bigger our contribution will be towards shifting the consciousness of the planet in the direction of Oneness.  Isn’t that what we all want?

But the truth is, in this moment, it’s all about you, and I’m rooting for you.  It has to work for you first.  You must get what you need.  As you heal, grow and learn to be all that you can be, then and only then, will your energy radiate out to the rest of the world.  

So, I’d love to have you join our online community – stopping by often- whether it’s just for a quick cuppa tea or something more.  So please, check out the menu of Colin’s Corner Café offerings listed below this video, and then click to reserve your table.  And I’ll go put the kettle on.

Ready for some tea JoAnn?

Click to reserve your seat!

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