Radical Relationships

This unique strategy enables you to understand the spiritual forces underlying any relationship and gives you a way to enhance it based on the Tipping Method and the Radical Forgiveness technology.  This strategy is in marked contrast to the usual psychological approaches typically offered by counselors and therapists.  Once we understand the true purpose of every relationship we become able to respond to difficult situations in a way that is empowering, healing and enlightening to both, rather than destructive.  Even if the relationship comes to a proper ending, so long as we have done the healing work using the tools, we avoid the usual need to carry the underlying issue into the next relationship and repeating the same set of problems over and over again with the same results each time.  Watch the video for more information.  (Scroll down for the script.)

a) Radical Acceptance Worksheet (FREE)

b) Relationship Questionnaire (See Below)

b) Tipping Method Online Programs:
1. “Breaking Free,” A 21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Parents
2. “Moving Forward,” A 21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Partner(s)
3. “Harmony Works,” A 21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Co-Workers
4. “Great Expectations,” – A 21 Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Kids
5. “Family Matters,” – A 21 Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Siblings

c) DVD/CD Set

DVD #1: Introduction to Radical Forgiveness
DVD #2: Radical Relationships
CD #1: Jill’s Story
CD #2:
a) 13 Steps to Radical Relationships
b) The 7- Step Radical Forgiveness Process

This is not your ordinary “Cosmo-type” program designed to help you “improve” your love life. Rather, the aim is to discover the TRUE purpose of relationship and learn how to apply it to our lives. The true purpose can be described as follows: Without exception, no matter whether it be a long term committed relationship or a momentary interaction with the person at the supermarket check-out counter, ALL relationships offer opportunities to learn, heal and grow spiritually. We each become for each other, by soul agreement, magnets for growing.

Understanding how we create such opportunities and enroll others in our healing dramas is the key to finding the true value in any relationship and the potential for growth and happiness within ourselves.

On the DVDs we explore the spiritual dynamics of relationships and how they are grounded in the Radical Forgiveness philosophy. We give actual examples on both the DVDs and CDs of relationships that appeared to be very dysfunctional in traditional terms but were, in reality, perfectly functional in the spiritual sense. Once this was realized they became ‘healed.’

To help us find the functionality and value in any relationship we need tools that help us connect, through our Spiritual Intelligence, to the (unknowable) Divine plan that is operating beneath the surface.  On one of the CDs there are two well proven tools that help us do just that.  Expect miracles!

Watch the video to learn more about this strategy.


a) Reviewing your relationships from high school on, look to see if any of the following applies to you:

1. My relationships all last roughly the same length of time before declining.
2. My spouse/partner is not unlike my parent of the same sex as he or she.
3. I seem to attract the same kind of person to be in relationship with each time.
4. I seem unable to sustain a long-term relationship.
5. I always end up getting hurt.

If you resonated with any of these statements, there is probably an underlying pattern causing you to keep recreating these circumstances as opportunities to heal something within yourself.  The Tipping Method will help you heal whatever it is and will automatically dissolve the pattern.  You don’t even have to know what the underlying issue is or was.  The tools featured on this site will free you from the patterns automatically.

b) Have any of the following repeatedly shown up in most, if not all, of your relationships?
Betrayal; Abandonment; Disrespect; Manipulation; Being Ignored; Lies and Withholdings; Control; Physical Abuse; Being Discounted; Infidelity; Punishment; Emotional Abuse; Rejection; Shaming;  Addiction.

If the answer is “Yes”, it is a reflection of a core-negative belief that you deserve to be treated in this way.  Someone planted that in your mind at some time in the past.   Radical Forgiveness will help you dissolve that from your consciousness so you will cease to bring that into your life in the future.



The main idea behind this strategy is that we are never upset for the reason we think and that contained in any conflict or disagreement is an opportunity to heal something deep within.  The resolution of the surface situation (like a row about infidelity)  is not achieved by psychotherapy or marriage counseling but by using the spiritual tools to heal the underlying issue that might have been the root cause of the infidelity.  (By way of an example, you might wish to download an article I wrote about John Edwards, a candidate for President of the United States in 2008, when he was discovered to have committed adultery during the campaign, and while his wife was battling cancer. If you read that you will understand what I mean).

The opportunities for healing through relationships very often show up as a repeating pattern from relationship to relationship. If you have already done the questionnaire you will already have some clues as to how your Spiritual Intelligence has actually been creating these learning opportunities for you.

There are also other issues, of a more metaphysical nature that are operational in all relationships.  I am referring to ideas such as soul contracts, past lives, soul mates and the fact that we actually choose our parents.  I mentioned these earlier in the Assumptions as being part of the philosophy of The Tipping Method. These can be somewhat contentious and difficult issues to grapple with, but don’t worry.  Other than to acknowledge their possible influences in how the relationship is playing out, we don’t need to go there, unless, of course, you have a particular interest in them and wish to go deeper.  Our Spiritual Intelligence will work with them as we just use the tools. It all gets taken care of at the spiritual level.

One more thing.  Obviously, the most important of all your relationships is the one between you and your mother or father, or both.  That’s why we have created the online program entitled “Breaking Free,” A 21-day program for forgiving your parents. We did this because it was obvious that so many people were acting out, in their current relationships both at home and at work, the unresolved issues they have been carrying since childhood about one or both of their parents, and that it was the cause of many problems in relationships.

I trust you will find this helpful and the tools effective enough that your use of them improves all your relationships.