Cancer Help


This is for anyone who wants optimal health and is open to the idea that mind, body and spirit are all one – and that The Tipping Method might be one of the keys to achieving balance between all three.

By using The Tipping Method, we can keep ourselves healthy in mind body and spirit by making sure we are free of repressed toxic emotions. There is a huge amount of research out there to show that lack of forgiveness is bad for our health. Holding onto to resentment, anger, need for revenge, blame and so on raises blood pressure and leads to all sort of diseases, especially cancer.

Research shows that there are only two predictors of cancer. One is the genetic factor. The other is how people handle their emotions. It turns out that people who deny or repress their feelings are more likely to get cancer than those who allow themselves to feel them. Therefore, to ignore the emotional component of cancer and other immune system related diseases is to ignore a huge part of any healing protocol. To see what happens to your cells when you hold onto these emotions click here to read an article with pictures of cells damaged by emotions, written by a medical doctor.

In the book, The Type ‘C’ Connection, Temoshok & Dreyer: Plume 1993, the authors illustrate, using clinical case studies and interviews, ways in which the cooperative, polite, ‘Type C’ individual who tends to suppress anger can learn effective methods of emotional expression in order to enhance immunity and even to bring about recovery.

From these research findings one can make a very good case for people with ‘Type C’ personalities to make Radical Forgiveness a priority as a cancer prevention strategy. But for those who already have cancer, or have had cancer and want to prevent a recurrence, it is virtually essential.

I consider our Miracles Workshop to be the perfect experience for this work and we hardly ever have a Miracles workshop without there are one or two people in it with cancer.