The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony is one of the elements of The Tipping Method we are particularly proud of, having facilitated it many times in a great many places all around the world.  It is based on the ancient idea of a healing circle, a concept that is used by indigenous populations all around the world. The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony enables people to automatically forgive themselves and many others besides, all at the same time, without having to reveal their story.  It is a safe, non-threatening and powerful healing experience.

We have done it with numbers ranging from 15 up to 250 people. The average number is around 50 so it does affect a large number of people at one time.  It takes between 2-1/2 and 3 hours to run and we often include it as one element in a One-Day workshop entitled The Magic of Radical Forgiveness.

After a brief introduction about the concept of Radical Forgiveness everyone walks the circle once to silently honor and witness their ‘story’ of what happened. As they see others walk too, they realize they are not alone, and they honor each other’s pain.   After hearing a special Radical Forgiveness story, they walk the circle again and ask inwardly to come to a new place of forgiveness and peace. It works!  People leave with tears of joy and smiling faces.  It is entirely non-threatening and yet is life changing nevertheless.

The Ceremony-in-a-Box
In order to make this incredible experience more widely available we have created a training package called The RF Ceremony-in-a-Box.  We make the package available to Unity Churches and Religious Science churches so they can train someone within the church to lead the ceremony.  If you frequent such a church, you might bring it to their attention and/or strongly suggest they look at the following here.