Expanding In Love

Based on the content in Colin’s latest book, Expanding into Love, A Handbook for Awakening to Who You Are, Raising Your Vibration and Creating Enlightened Relationships, this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to understand your own and your partner’s humanity and how the game of relationship is best played at the human level. 

You will come to understand how, without exception, all relationships provide opportunities for healing and, once we have awakened to the truth of who we are and why we are here, to expand into Love.  Understanding how we create such opportunities and enroll others in our healing dramas is the key to finding the gold in any relationship (current or future one), and the potential for growth and happiness within.

For example, you will discover the key elements of your own sexual personality and how it determines your behavior in relationships and what to do when the inevitable difficulties arise.  A fun game will show you how to undo your projections and, in seeing the healing angel in the person you projected onto, find a deep acceptance of yourself and an expanded love for that person. 

You will learn the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation and how to do both when and if called for.  Special tools are provided and their use demonstrated.

You will learn how to set up conscious agreements for your relationships, create boundaries, avoid unrealistic expectations and demands, and how to communicate your feelings and problems to your partner when difficulties arise.

This workshop offers a very unusual and a totally unique approach to this topic and promises to provide the keys to long-lasting, juicy relationships.

Your Investment in Your Future Happiness:  $497 per person
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Recognizing the Healing Angel — A version of the Projection Game
Your Sexual Personality – the Emotional and Physical Connection
The ‘Satori’ 7-Step Process for Forgiving Your Partner
The Radical Reconciliation Process
The Radical Conversation Process

The spiritual purpose of relationships
Boundaries, commitments, expectations and demands
Conscious agreements and personal responsibility
Recovering from divorce or separation
When is a relationship over?
To stay or not to stay. Healing from a distance

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