Book Study Groups

Colin’s books lend themselves extremely well to shared reading and discussion.  Consequently, groups have sprung up, quite spontaneously, all around the world.  Because the books all advocate an experiential approach and provide some Tipping Method tools to use in everyday life, we felt it would support this activity if there were some Book Study Leaders listed on our website that offered such experiences. Join a group and see if the light bulb goes on for you!

A book study group can be done face-to-face, but also by phone or Skype. Many people have tried this and find it to be a very interesting approach. It becomes a “virtual book study group” where people come together on a conference call basis to read together, share their insights and give mutual support. Click here to view the list of  Book Study Leaders.

Become an Approved Book Study Leader
If this kind of social activity appeals to you or, if you are contemplating taking the training to become a Coach or Teacher of the Tipping Method and see this as a good way of testing to see whether it would be a good fit for you, then click here to learn more about becoming an Approved Book Study Leader. Included in this opportunity is an option to also become trained as a ‘Satori’ Radical Forgiveness Gamemaster.