Game Nights

Several of our coaches and certified Game Masters arrange special ‘Satori’ Game Nights that offer the opportunity for you to come and play ‘Satori’ the Radical Forgiveness Game.  They do it in their own homes, or at some other venue like a church.  Some might even come to you if you sponsor a game night. Some, I know, are even considering playing the game over Skype, and are researching this possibility.
I am in the process of compiling a list of those who like to offer game nights, where and when, so stay tuned.

Become a Trained ‘Satori’ Gamemaster Yourself.
We offer an online training program that enables you to facilitate the game and run game-nights.  It’s a whole lot of fun and you can make some money doing it.  You can charge people to play and you get a 30% discount on the games so if you sell those you make a profit.  Actually, included in the training package is the Book Study Leader training as well, but whether you do book-study groups or not is up to you.  The cost of the combination training program is only $97 and you get the discount on the games and 40% discount on the books.