‘Miracles’ Workshop

Although The Tipping Method has a strong focus on self-help tools, online programs and books, we still offer workshops for people who “like it hot.” They want the direct contact with Colin and are willing to travel and pay the price to work intensively with him in order to get the best possible results all in the space of one weekend.

The Miracles Workshop is Colin’s flagship ‘Tipping Method’ workshop which he has been doing since his first book, Radical Forgiveness, was published in 1997.  This incredible workshop continues to be the one that people flock to, especially once having read the book. They realize that it offers just what they need to break free from a painful past or current ‘unpleasant’ situation. And they are never disappointed.  That’s why it’s called the ‘Miracles’ workshop!

No one leaves without having experienced a release around at least one significant issue that has been blocking their happiness or success in life. The underlying anger, guilt, sadness, hurt and shame is dissolved; and people leave feeling joyful, light and full of hope. The situation causing the problem usually dissolves as well.


The shifts that occur in people are nothing short of miraculous. And the shifts endure. People do not regress to victimhood afterwards as often happens after many other workshops. Too much has shifted – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – through the process.

Personal Attention
Limited to just 15 people, you get a lot of ‘hands-on’ assistance and gentle guidance from Colin in moving through, and healing, deeply-rooted core issues, hurtful memories, resentment from the past, and traumatic experiences. True freedom, peace and happiness will be yours.

Couples Welcome
Couples wishing to work on themselves individually or on the relationship itself are encouraged to attend together if possible.  If one or both partners feel this to be too challenging they can attend the Miracles on two separate occasions.

Note: The workshop includes a ‘Satori’ Breathwork Session.